How to Get Vehicle Registration Certificates Online via Digi-Locker?

Now anyone can India can ride without a registration certificate and driving license anywhere. Yes, no officer or cop with charge fine against you. It is official now. There is no need to keep physical copies with you while driving, now soft copies are too acceptable. The government of India has integrated both the documents in the Digi locker app. This app is easily available on play store. The government of India has issued the soft copies that are the digital version of the driving license (DL) and the registration certificate (RC) directly to the user’s digital locker account.  The person driving does not worry about the documents related to his car and driving as all the documents are available on the phone. These documents are valid all over India.


The regional transport office (RTO) has the date of the citizens who register their vehicle, it will directly be uploaded to the digi-locker. Digilocker app helps you keep all your important papers in one place. As mentioned above the documents that are kept are in digital format. The people who use the digi-locker app can easily access their digital registration certificate  (RC )and driving license (DL). The documents can be shown both on desktop computers and on the mobile phones. These documents if needed can be downloaded from the same. If you need the physical copies of the same, one can download the same from the app. The use of the digi locker app helps the government to minimize the use of physical copies hence helps to reduce paper wastage. This is a great initiative by the government for the citizens of India.

Citizens can also share the authentic digital certificates directly from the data source with other departments as identity and address proof resulting in the reduction of administrative just needs his Aadhar card linked to his digi locker account to open the user’s account in the app. If an officer asks for verification, the person can simply show the documents on this digi locker app. Database of more than 19 crores RCs and 9 crores has been made by the road transport and highways ministry. As a result, these documents are now available online.The app provides digital QR code scanning facility to the users of the app. The digital registration certificate and driving license in a Digi Locker account can be spot verified for authenticity either by scanning the QR code on digital documents or by using the QR scan facility on Digi-Locker mobile app. It is a good initiative by the government as by this process the losing or being stolen related problems can also reduce because of the presence of this app. It assures safety as these documents are now always in your pocket.

If one wishes to get his driving license and registration certificate online via the digi-locker app, then you may follow the below.

1) Firstly the users must link their Aadhaar card with their did locker account. the account will be activated if one links their Aadhaar card. Therefore, one must have an Aadhaar card beforehand.

2) After linking the Aadhaar card, click on ‘Pull Partner Documents’ section

3) Select the issuer and document type and enter the document details asked for

4) Documents will be fetched from the database

5) After choosing RC and DL, you will have to enter driving license number and vehicle registration number and related details.

6) Click on the “get document” button.

7) Your driving license and your registration certificate will come on the screen. One can download the documents from there. These documents will also be automatically be saved so that the user can use it in the future.

Now you can forget your DL and RC at home as the process is very simple and easy to handle.

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