Complete List of Top Institutes in India For Distance Learning For MBA

Top Institutes in India For Distance Learning For MBA:

Master in Business Administration or MBA is the most sought after course for higher education. A MBA degree helps you land a smarter job with better profile and perks. But many a times, undergoing a regular course just doesn’t work out leaving us with very little scope for gaining a degree. Reasons can be varied you can be a working professional or a home manager who wants to continue higher education and many others. This is where distance learning steps in. Distance learning makes attaining a MBA degree easy.

Top Institutes in India For Distance Learning For MBA
Top Institutes in India For Distance Learning For MBA

Here is a list of the top institutes in India for distance learning MBA:

·        MBA Colleges ·        Course ·        Total Fees
·        Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Global Access School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE) ·        PGD-Business Management
Retail Management·        PGD-Marketing Management·        PGD-Financial Management·        PGD-Human Resource Management

·        PGD-International Trade Management

·        PGD-Banking And Finance

·        PGD-Supply Chain Management

62, 000
·        Institute of Management Technology, Centre for Distance Learning ·        PGDP 1,00,000
·        PGD–Business Administration

·        PGD–Human Resource Management

·        PGD–Marketing Management

·        PGD–Financial Management

·        PGD–Material and Supply Chain Management

·        Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning ·        PGD-Business Administration , Specializations – Finance; Marketing; Operations; HR; Customer Relationship Management; Management Accounting (Dual specialization option available)

·        PGD-International Business

·        PGD Banking and Finance

30,000 – 36,000
·        PGD Human Resource Management

·        PGD Insurance Management

·        PGD Retail Management

·        PGD Customer Relationship Management

·        PGD Supply Chain Management

·        PGD Export and Import Management

18,000 – 22,000
·        PGD-Information Technology 30,000-37,000
·        Sikkim Manipal University Directorate of Distance Education ·        MBA  Specializations – Marketing;      Retail Operations; Information Systems; Operations; Banking; Project; Total Quality Management; Human Resource; Healthcare Services; Finance 49,600 – 68,100
·        PGD-Business Administration 83,700
·        IGNOU ·        MBA

(maximum duration is 8 yrs)

·        PGDM

·        PGD-HRM

·        PGD-Financial Management

·        PGD-Operations Management

·        PGD-Marketing Management

·        PGD-Financial Markets Practice

1,500 per course
·        Prin LN Welingkar Institute of Management ·        PGDM Specialization in Marketing Management; Finance Management; Human Resource Management; Retail Management Operations Management; Supply Chain Management; Business Administration; E-Business; International Business; Banking, Investment and Insurance (Dual specialization option available) 61,000 without Personal Contact Program (PCP) fees and Rs.64,600 along with PCP fees
·        Amity University, (Distance Learning) ·        MBA 1, 26, 800
·        Master of Financial Management 1,12,800
·        PGD-Business Management

·        PGD-Material Management

·        PGD-Marketing Management

·        PGD-Financial Management
PGD-Information Technology

·        PGD-Export Management

·        PGD-Production Operation Management

·        PGD-Insurance Management

·        PGD-NGO Management

·        PGD-Retail Management

·        PGD-Logistics & Supply Chain Management

·        PGD-Human Resource Management

·        Diploma in Advertising & Brand Management 18,600
·        ICFAI University ·        Executive MBA  (IU Sikkim) 1, 50, 000
·        MBA  specialization in Marketing; Human Resource Management; Finance (IU Tripura) 75, 000
·        MBA specialization in Hospital Administration; Pharma Management; Telecom Management (IU Sikkim) 65, 000
·        MBA (IU Sikkim) 60,000
·        PGD-Financial Analysis(IU Tripura) 55,000
·        Diploma in Investment Management (IU Tripura)

·        Diploma in Derivatives & Risk Management (IU Tripura)

·        Diploma in Global Financial Markets (IU Tripura)

·        Diploma in Talent Management  (IU Tripura)

·        Diploma in Innovation Management (IU Tripura)

·        Diploma in Retail Management

·        Diploma in International Business (IU Tripura)

18, 500
·        Annamalai University ·        MBA

·        MBA (E-Business)

·        MBA (International Business)

·        MBA (Human Resource Management)

·        MBA (Marketing Management)

·        MIT School of Distance Education ·        PGD Business Administration 55,000
·        PGD Energy Management 35,000

The above listed are the top institutes in India for distance learning MBA. A MBA degree from these institutes will enhance your skills, is cost effective and is recognized by regulatory authority like the UGC.

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