Top 10 Do it Yourself (DIY) Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are a great way to enjoy the lost wildlife at its best. Now a days, birds chirping is not been heard that much in the morning as it is used to be when I was small. This is because of we, human beings have stolen their natural habitat and made our houses in that place. But, if you live in an area that has many birds a couple of strategically placed birdfeeders will bring back the sound of their beautiful chirping. It will also allow you to view those pretty birds closely and in a personal manner.

It’s not necessary to buy an expensive bird feeder to experience this beauty. You can even make a bird feeder at your home with the help of the material which can be easily found at your home. You can easily make a bird feeder yourself. Most feeders take just a little time and very little or no money. If you want beautiful and desirable birds in your balcony or yard, the first thing you need to do is attract them.

Make your own bird feeder to attract beautiful birds. Below are some DIY bird feeders that are fun and easy to make. It will add up to the beauty of your house.

Bird feeders

Plate and Bowl Bird feeder

One can make a beautiful birdfeeder with the help of a saucer and a matching bowl. You can even choose a mismatch bowl if you find it pretty that way, the choice is up to you. All you need if to drill a hole in the saucer and attach them together. It sounds a bit complicated but once you make it, you will find it very easy. The resulting birdfeeder will look good and the saucer will protect your birds from rain, sun and other will act as an umbrella.

Tea Cup Bird feeder

For this project, you just need a spare set. You can make a very unique and a beautiful feeder by glueing the teacup to the saucer sideways. It shall be noted that the glue must have a good holding power. You can hang it anywhere with the help of ribbon or a string.

Wine Bottle Bird feeders

Ever thought that old wine bottles can be turned into beautiful birdfeeders. You just have to create a base and a small saucer that works perfectly. After that just carefully drill holes in the sides of the bottles to allow the bird food to come in. You can also fill the bottles through the lid. After that, hand it will the help of the wire.

Bird Feeders

Mason Jar Feeders

For this project, you can buy metal chick feeders at any farm supply store. You then just have to affix them to your mason jar and hang it. It will look really cute and adorable.

Birdfeeders from Recycled Products

Anything that is kept in the house and is no longer in use can be turned into a birdfeeder. As long as you have a way to hang it or attach it to your outside wall, and it will hold bird food, you can create a birdfeeder. So, make use of all the recyclable material of your house in the best way possible.

Shoe Feeder

Never thought your shoe box will be this useful if you are into really unique things, nail a shoe to your tree and put your bird feed in there. Birds will it as it will feed them and your yard will look prettier with it.

Bird Feeders

Wooden Spoon Feeder

For this project, you just have to make holes in the bottle (of your choice) for the spoons and be sure that you angle the spoons downward so that the birdfeed will just drizzle onto them. This is a really cute idea and a great project for the kids and the parents both.

Milk Carton Feeder

To make it look attractive, you can paint a cardboard milk carton and then just cut a hole for the feed. You may want to put a wooden spoon through so that the birds have somewhere to land when they want to eat. It is very easy to make.

Teapot Feeder

For this, you just need to attach the teapot to a tree. Birds can get inside and build their nests so that you can keep their babies safe and when they are hatched.

Log Bird Feeder

For this project, all you need to do is to create a small log by carving out part of a small piece of wood. You are just required to hollow out enough room for the food and then attach a chain to hang on the tree.

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