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A passport is one of the most important documents that a person possesses. Passport is one of the most reliable sources of identification. If you wish to fly overseas, you cannot go without a passport. If you wish to travel to a different country then It is necessary to have a passport at the time of travelling. The Indian passport is issued to every citizen who wishes to travel. It helps you will be able to prove who you are and where you are from. As the checking of the airport related to travel has been increased it is almost impossible to travel without a passport.

According to the state department, the quickest you can get the passport is within 8 business days. Even if you do not wish to go abroad anytime soon, you still should have a passport ready beforehand So that you can pick up and go in a pinch. Passport is treated as proof of citizenship and nationality. In case any individual is in urgent need of the passport he can collect his passport related documents from Regional passport office directly (RPO) directly.

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However, if the individual wishes to collect his or her passport from the Regional passport office directly (RPO), the individual is required to write an application regarding the reason why the individual wants his passport related documents urgently. The application shall be submitted to the official presentation in the RPO office. The decision regarding the delivery of the passport related documents at the office of RPO will be taken solely by the Regional passport officer.

In order to check the passport delivery status, the individual can check the status through the Tracking Utility feature that is available on India Post’s Speed Post. With the help of this feature, the individual can also get in touch with the nearest Speed Post centre. From there he can get the actual delivery status of his passport. It may be possible that the Speed Post officials cannot locate or find the consignment carrying the passport related documents, or simply when the passport consignment has been returned back to the sender of the documents, in that case, the individual will have to ask for the help from the concerned Regional Passport Office and the people concerned will surely help the individual with the future course of action.

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It is important that the individual directly collects the consignment carrying the passport related documents directly from the mail person. But if the individual is unable to collect the same, the delivery person can give the documents to the family members or the close people only after thoroughly checking the identity card of such people. If the delivery person is not satisfied with the identification of any of the members or close relatives then the person can deliver back the documents back to the regional passport office.

In case the individual is unable to collect the documents and the delivery returns back to the office, the individual is required to send the application stating the reason why he or she was unable to take the delivery to the concerned regional passport officer. Along with the application, the individual is required to send the residential proof and all other documents that are required and necessary to send to the regional passport officer.

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It is to be noted that the passport related documents are always delivered to the address that the applicant mentions on the form while applying for the passport. In case the applicant changes his or her address while the documents are still being processed, the applicant is required to send an application to the regional passport officer stating the new and updated address along with the residential address proof and all other related and necessary documents.

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