Some Do it Yourself (DIY) Home Decor Ideas

Your room is a space where you have the freedom to create anything you want. It’s a place that is given to you express yourself. You can explore your choices here. You can create a room for relaxing in any way that you like. All you will need is a little creativity and you can re-create your own room. And this will not even burn your pocket. You can apply the following ideas with very little cost and make your room look prettier and fresher. You can even use these home decor ideas to decorate your dorm room. With a little DIY, even the dingiest dorm room can look so much better with some creativity. Whether it’s your first semester in college or the beginning of your senior year, these DIY ideas will surely make your room look beautiful and help you to concentrate.

Following are some DIY home decor ideas.

  • Clothesline picture holders

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I am sure that even you have a lot of pictures that are kept in your cupboard and no one really is able to see them. If the pictures are worth showing it to people then why not hang it on your main wall? It does not matter where you decide to hang them as long as the pictures are beautiful. For this project, you’ve to cut a long string of wire and drape it on the wall in the form of ‘Z’. Then you can simply hang the pictures on it with the help of clothespins.

  • Washi tape pinboard.

You can use washi tape to decorate your house in some way or other. For this project, you have to you have to make patterns on ta board with the help of washi tape. You can choose any pattern you like from internet for your pin board.

  • T-shirt doormat

home decor

Do not throw away those old T-shirt as for this project you will be needing your 7-8 T shirts to make a doormat. You need is scissors and hot glue to stick them and your doormat will be ready in no time.

  • Mini Cork Boards

These cork boards are perfect for hanging up reminder notes and to-do lists. For this project, you need to cut small cork boards in circles. Then, hang them above your desk or any other place you wish to use them. You can further decorate these cork boards by painting them with your favourite colours to make it look more attractive.

  • Potted Air Plants

home decor

You even make your own mini pots with the help of clay and acrylic paint. On it, you can even try geometric patterns and polka dots or any other design you like.  After that, Place air plants inside the pots and these pots are part of the home and room décor that can be placed on a window sill, desk and side or any other place as you may like.

  • Feather Painting

Feather painting is one unique way to decorate your room. This simple peace alone is so attractive and lovely. These painted feather canvases are very simple yet they are beautiful artwork. You can choose your favourite colour to paint them and take any of your favourite bird’s feather.

  • Washi Tape Wall

Here is another use of this beautiful tape. You can even use washi tape to decorate your plain looking wall. You can make patterns on your wall with the help of washi tape. For this, you can use different coloured washi tape. This will make your pattern or design look more beautiful and colourful.  Washi tape itself comes in various designs and patterns. You can use them to decorate your plain looking wall.

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