Sexy Mummy Costume DIY Ideas You Might Want to Know

Sexy Mummy Costume DIY:

If Halloween has been on your mind then looking scary and sexy at the same time can be quite a task until you decide to become a sexy mummy. Becoming a mummy is the easiest especially when it comes to dressing up for the occasion.

Here is how you can make a sexy mummy costume DIY:

Sexy mummy costume DIY

Sexy Mummy Costume DIY Ideas
Sexy Mummy Costume DIY Ideas


  • White t shirt
  • White leggings
  • Pink crepe bandage
  • Some make up


  • Wear the white tee and the leggings.
  • Take the first roll of crepe bandage and roll it around your torso.
  • Cover the torso with the pink crepe bandage.
  • Take another roll of crepe bandage and roll it around each of the legs over the leggings. Allow the edges of the crepe bandage to hang loose in some places to give it an authentic feel.
  • With another roll of crepe bandage now roll it around the arms and cover them.
  • Cover the hands partially with the crepe bandage and allow the fingernails to show.
  • Lastly, take some more crepe bandage and start rolling it loosely around the face.
  • You can also choose to leave the face and just apply some makeup instead of using crepe bandage.
  • Apply a lighter shade of foundation. Apply concealer on top and blend it over the face and neck to get a ghostly feel.
  • Apply eye shadow in the color of choice and give them a smokey eye effect for a natural sunken eye feel.
  • A slight cut or bruise mark with a red lip liner can work like magic.
  • Apply red lipstick for a swagger look.
  • Brush the hair down and look your appealing best with this sexy mummy costume DIY.

Halloween or a theme party always makes dressing up an event to look forward to. A slight effort and your sexy mummy costume DIY is ready in no time.

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