Schools In Vikas Puri To Choose From For The Bright Future Of Your Ward

Schools In Vikas Puri

Delhi is one of the fastest developing city in India, which offers new opportunities every day. If you have just moved to the city, or if your child is at the age of schooling, and you need to find the best and suitable school for your child but as we know that’s not the cup of cake, as you have multiple criteria in mind to determine before you finalize the school. This south Indian city has some top-notch school that caters top-level education to both the Indian and International population. These schools are shaping an ambitious generation and readying them to take on global competition and excel. We have made a list of top 5 Schools In Vikas Puri area of Delhi. This list will help you choose the best school for your lad.

Schools In Vikas Puri

Schools In Vikas Puri

Adarsh Public School

Every parent living in vikas puri area want to get their child’s admission in Adarsh Public School though their fees is a bit high school is not A.C. so its good if you want a normal school with near to your home.

R. Mangalam School ( International School in F-Block)

If you are a Vikaspuri resident then you will notice a lot of rich parents send their kids to K R Mangalam. The fees of the school is moderate but the level of the school is high so, if you are middle-class don’t go for this school, as you can pay fees but when your child will grow, his or her needs and wishes would grow as a result of peer pressure.

DAV Public School

DAV Public School is one of the oldest and most popular schools in the area. Though the school is one of the oldest it has advanced facilities and high level study material.

Pusa Public School

Pusa Public School is one of a kind in the area as it is the only school for girls in Vikas Puri. The school follows the CBSE curriculum and has fees that any one can afford.

Banasthali Public school

Banasthali Public School also comes under the list of the oldest schools in the area. The school was established in 1972. this school is managed By Anand Prakash Charitable Edn. Trust and Is affiliated To Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE).

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