Paper Lanterns DIY Ideas You Might Want to Know About

Paper Lanterns DIY:

Paper lanterns take a surreal form as the festival season gains momentum. Big and small lanterns sprawled over the patio, pergola, front lawn or inside the home. Paper lanterns add a rustic yet elegant charm to any setting. Be it outdoors or indoors these lanterns look beautiful at night illuminating the area around. And if paper lanterns DIY is done then it adds even more love to the festivities.

Here is a great idea for paper lanterns DIY:

Milk/juice carton paper lantern DIY

Materials required:

  • Milk cartons (depending on the number of lanterns you want to make.)
  • Thick printed paper napkins / wax paper / white copy paper / parchment paper / vellum
  • Permanent markers/ crayons for making designs.
  • Box cutter and scissors
  • Acrylic paint / chalkboard paint / spray paint


  • Take the empty milk carton and clean it thoroughly by rinsing it in warm soapy water.
  • Wash it with water and allow it to dry completely.
  • Open the top flap of the carton and trim it open.
  • Cut the bottom of the milk carton with a cutter.
  • Measure and cut the carton in such a way that it should have ½ inch frame on each side and a 1-inch frame on the top and the bottom.
  • Take some hot glue and glue the bottom of the lantern/milk carton.
Paper Lanterns DIY
Paper Lanterns DIY
  • Take some acrylic paint and paint the milk carton from inside and outside with black paint. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.
Paper Lanterns DIY
Paper Lanterns DIY
  • Take thick tissue paper, rice paper or any paper of choice and cut pieces that are at least ½ inch wider and taller than the side openings of the milk carton.
  • Take some glue and spread it around the inside of the milk carton’ side openings. Take the tissue paper and lightly press it on the glue in such a way that the design faces out. Allow it to dry completely.
  • Now the important part- how to hang the paper lantern DIY. Take a punch hole and make holes on two opposite sides of the lantern.
  • Take a wire and attach it to the lantern.
  • Place a battery tea light or some fairy lights at the bottom of the lamp to illuminate the paper lantern

Your beautiful paper lantern DIY is ready.

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