MBA After

If you are a student and you are about to finish your degree, you might find yourself wondering about one thing which is common among the students of your age and that is whether you should do a job right after your degree, go for higher education or start your own venture. degree opens many doors for the student.  When you get to see so many opportunities in front of your eyes, you are bound to get confused. And if you are a student who is just about to start your degree, all these thoughts will soon disturb you.

Doing MBA after changes your field from a technical area to a less technical area. If while studying your degree you do not develop an interest in your field, then there is always an option of doing MBA and doing what you love more. MBA and are slightly different. But the combination of both will surely take your career towards success. MBA is a more managerial degree. It more about business and administration. It needs a problem-solving attitude in a person. MBA is surely an exciting career opportunity. There are a lot of people in the cooperate who have done engineering as well as MBA from great institutions and how they work in a different wide range of sectors.

Doing MBA right after you under graduation or after the work experience is purely your choice. It always better to do what you like the most. It is not advisable to follow your friends just because they earn well. Loving your work should be the primary concern. “find what you love and let it kill you”. Both have pros and cons, but at the end of the day, it’s your choice. If you decide to do MBA right after your graduation then you have to find all those courses which will add value to your career and help you find a job with a decent salary and obviously you should love your work.  By no exception, even the MBA with an engineering degree comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages :

1) High demand

The present scenario tells that professionals with managerial degree always have a high demand, no matter which industry it is. It is a trend that has been seen by many generations over a past few years. No matter which professional you are, a managerial degree with a professional degree will get preference over a professional degree.

2) High salaries

While the salaries depend on a lot of other factors, if you have the engineering background with MBA from a reputed institute, you may get placed at a better salary package than others. It solely does not depend on this factor though. For a high package with the degree, you want great communication skills and writing skills.

3) Working with big companies

MBA with a professional degree attract a lot of big and reputed companies globally. Also, usually it industry and banking industry, both are interested in hiring people who are from with MBA.

Disadvantages :

1) Fields are not related

Many people do MBA after to get into the banking industry. Both these fields are not related. It could have been better to do BBA or B.Com and then MBA. You still would have got the same package.

2) Knowledge and skills matter

Knowledge and skills matter more than the degree. If you wish to enter into the banking company after completing your and MBA then you need to have a complete knowledge of the banking sector. As the banking sector is a completely different sector and the person who has done engineering may not have that much of knowledge as the person who is from a commerce background.

3) Competition is very high

There are a huge number of students who opt for engineering after 12th. Therefore, the number of professionals with and MBA degrees are significantly more than professionals with other degrees. Because of that demand for jobs is more than the supply and this leads to unemployment among the youth.



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