Master of Business (MBA) vs Master of Engineering (

Before we discuss the topics, we need to understand one basic thing that both MBA and are different fields. MBA is more focused on business and administration. On the other hand, is a specialized field. If you have just completed your bachelor’s degree and wondering which option is better for you or simply which option with fetch you more money (it’s the deepest concern of today’s generation) or going to opt for one and thinking what to do next after then this article is for you. This article about Master of Business vs Master of Engineering will tell how both fields are different and why one needs to focus and consider both the fields separately for once. While both qualifications offer good placements and a stable career for the student.

Firstly, one needs to understand that money is secondary. Yes, is important but it is secondary. What matters now is that you should know where your interest lies. It is not an easy task. It might take you long to identify your interest. If you are a graduate, you might be able to know more clearly where your interest lies as compared to a guy who will start his bachelors. Once you identify your interest, anything you like can fetch you a lot money. Now starting to tell what both courses are about. MBA is a specialized field that teaches a student about business and administration. If you are an MBA pass out, you will be responsible for your teams work and management.

Master of Business vs Master of Engineering


MBA helps you to understand the economic and business aspects of the organization. While an MBA prepares you for generalist roles and opens your avenues in banking, finance and consultancy and many more. These areas might not be that technical driven as it will be after MBA is a broader course which aims to give you a managerial role in the corporate world. It requires developing a business decision. MBA helps in making skills and management of the area you opt for. These areas could be finance, hr, marketing, operations, international business, it etc.

An MBA may not require any technical skills like said before. It is a different story altogether. It shows you the other important side of the cooperate world. Not as technical as you saw during your UG course, but it teaches the analytical skills, attention to details and problem-solving skills which are equally important to run a company. This field will certainly help you to develop a problem-solving attitude. The knowledge might help you in your personal life as well… Even it does not, it surely will help you with your job and further opportunities.



On the other hand, if we talk about, like I said above it is a more spatialized field than MBA.  Students who developed an interest towards the subject during the undergraduate course can choose this field to further specialization in the area they liked the most. If you are good at technical and core engineering subjects, maybe an M.Tech is the right course for you. degree creates opportunities for students in technical fields as well as academic, research & development areas. As you can read, all these areas require the high level of interest, discipline, and study towards the course. Only then you will be able to achieve great success in your field.

For the students who wish to study m tech, it provides them with an opportunity to expand their knowledge further in the field that you are currently in. Along with this technical skill are enhanced and you can become a subject matter expert in your field. Both the fields can bring equal opportunities for you. It just a matter of interest and dedication towards the subject. Choose your course wisely as this shape your further life and on the basis of what you choose now, you have to work towards achieving great success in that area throughout your life.

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