List of Boarding Schools in Dehradun You Might Want to Know About

Boarding Schools in Dehradun:

The word “Boarding School” evokes a mixed response when you ask children and adults alike. Some remember the fond memories of the boarding school while some reminisce the time away from family. But say what you may, Boarding Schools are known for excellent education and environment for overall growth and development of the child. Dehradun is a well-known place for its excellent boarding schools. From the campus to facilities and the long-standing name these boarding schools in Dehradun still attract many students.

Boarding Schools in Dehradun
Boarding Schools in Dehradun

Here is a list of the boarding schools in Dehradun:

S.No School Year of Establishment Board Type
  The Doon School 1935 ICSE/ ISC Boys
  The Doon Boys 2000   Boys
  The Doon Girls 2000   Girls
  Welham Boys 1937 CBSE Boys
  Welham Girls 1957 ICSE/ ISC Girls
  Scholar’s Home 1949 CBSE Boys and Girls
  Pestle Weed College 1957 CBSE Boys and Girls
  Pine Hall 1967 ICSE/ ISC Boys and Girls
  Marshalls School 1967 ICSE/ ISC Boys and Girls
  Jaswant Modern School 1949 CBSE Boys and Girls
  Col. Brown School 1926 ICSE/ ISC Boys
  Cambrian Hall 1954 ICSE/ ISC Boys and Girls
  Carman School 1960 ICSE/ ISC Boys and Girls
  Beverly Hills 1973 CBSE Boys and Girls
  Asian School 2000 CBSE Boys and Girls
  Dehradun Hills Academy 1990 CBSE Boys and Girls
  Doon International School 1993 CBSE Boys and Girls
  Doon Global School 1998 CBSE Boys and Girls
  Ecole Globale Girl Residential School 2012 CBSE Girls
  Hill Grange 1982 ICSE/ ISC Boys and Girls
  Hope Town Girls 1999 ICSE/ ISC Girls
  Lucent International School 2012 CBSE Boys and Girls
  Selaqui International School 2000 CBSE Boys and Girls
  Vantage Hall 2013 CBSE Girls
  Unison World School 2007 ICSE/ ISC Girls

These are the best boarding schools in Dehradun that you can enroll your child in without worrying as it provides the best facilities and a conducive environment too for the child.

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