List of Best Medical Colleges in The World You Might Want to Know

Best Medical Colleges in The World:

A degree in medicine requires years of dedicated hard work and meticulous study, wherever in the world you are!! An MBBS and then an MD for specialization and super specialization, medicine becomes a demanding profession. However, it reaps some very fruitful results as the satisfaction is immense and the work for humanity is an added bonus. The best medical colleges in the world train students to become outstanding doctors in whichever field they choose.

Best Medical Colleges in The World
Best Medical Colleges in The World

Here is a list of the best medical colleges in the world:

Harvard University, United States
University of Oxford
University of Cambridge
Stanford University
John Hopkins University
Karolinska Institutet
University of California Los Angeles
Yale University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of California, San Francisco
Imperial College London
University of Pennsylvania
Duke University
The University of Sydney
McGill University
King’s College London
University of California San Diego
The University of Edinburgh
National University of Singapore
University of Michigan
University of Chicago
The University of Tokyo
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
University of Washington
The University of Hong Kong
University of British Columbia
Seoul National University
Monash University
Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany
Erasmus University Rotterdam
The University of Manchester
University of Amsterdam
Washington University St. Louis
New York University
University of Copenhagen
Cornell University
Ruperecht – Karls – Universitat Heidelberg
Ludwig – Maimilians – Universitat Munchen
McMaster University
University of Pittsburgh
Kyoto University
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
KU Leuven
University of Glasgow
The University of Queensland
National Taiwan University
The Australian National University
Baylor College of Medicine
Boston University
Brown University
California Institute of Technology
Emory University
Fudan University
Leiden University
Lund University
Maastricht University
Mayo Medical College
Medical University of Vienna
Newcastle University
Northwestern University
Osaka University
Peking University
Queen Mary University of London
The Rockfeller University
Sapienza University of Rome
Shanghar Jiao Tong University
Sorbonne University
Sungkyunkwan University
Technical University of Munich
The University of Adelaide
The University of New South Wales Sydney

The best medical colleges in the world offer its students a plethora of opportunities to study and intern in the best environment available. 

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