SHOCKING: Latest News on Fee Hike in Delhi Schools

Latest News on Fee Hike in Delhi Schools

There are various private schools in Delhi, where many of the parents sent their kids to the private school. On Monday, all the parents protested against the schools as the authorities of the schools has hiked the fees by almost 150%.

Quoting that Delhi high court stay on fee hike, parents also staged a demonstration that claimed the schools were violating the rules and law.

On Monday, the parents from the St George’s School, Alaknanda area of Delhi, striked wearing caps with a message “rollback fee hike”, alleged that the high court has extended the stay for the schools by April 30 and prohibited all the schools from increasing the fees.

Latest News on Fee Hike in Delhi Schools

Latest News on Fee Hike in Delhi Schools

One of the striking parents said, “this is a school built on a government land, how can they increase the fees? It is just unbelievable that the fees has been increased from around INR 55,000 to INR 1,21,00, including the arrears. How can one pay so much money? All the charges have been increased. This was done all of a sudden without consultation.”

Parents also put banners which read, “paisa nahi duayen lo”, “take back fee hike” and have also submitted a memo to the school. Also, a complaint has been submitted to the officials in the education department.

“At first, they even refused to accept our memo, then after waiting for so long, they finally accepted it. When the last PTM was held, we were only told about an increase of around INR 10,000.” reported another parent.

Moreover, Manish Sisodia, deputy chief minister congratulated the parents. “you all have chosen an honest government, and by no means will we allow the private schools to increase fees arbitrarily, tweeted he deputy chief minister.

Khagesh Jha, advocate and member of Justice for All, who is also representing the parents said, “this interim order is applicable for minority schools as well. We are planning to file a contempt petition against this. Not only them, the order is also applicable to schools that have been given permission to increase fees. They also cannot charge the increased fees.”

Now, the parents are really tensed as the time given to pay the fees by next week.

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