Job Opportunities After Your MBA

Nowadays in order to get a rise in your job, to enhance your personal growth, to start a business or to make a career shift, one needs to complete an MBA (master’s in business administration) degree. This Degree helps you to improve your job title thus giving you a rise in your pay scale.  It is always advisable to know exactly why you want to do MBA and what advantages it brings to you. You should be clear about your goals. You should have complete knowledge about the course. You should be aware of all the job opportunities after your MBA can be knocked.  It is important to understand that there are a lot of MBA graduates in the country who are still unemployed even after completing the course.

One big reason for this type of unemployment is that many MBA colleges in India just provide the students with the theoretical knowledge about the course and ignore the practical aspect of the course. It is very important to understand the need for learning the practical aspect of the course. Eventually after completing MBA, one has to enter in the practical world of the industry.  So, because of this reason, the colleges that are considered as Good MBA colleges give practical and theoretical knowledge of equal importance. Doing the course just for the sake of doing it is as similar as not doing it all.

There are 4 types of MBA courses that are being offered.

  • One year course,
  • Two-year course,
  • Part-time MBA that usually takes 3 years for its completion,
  • Executive MBA, which is also a part-time course and takes 3 years to complete.

Many students already work in the industry while applying for the course so that why they apply for a part-time course that allows them to study and work together. Even, EMBA is for the professionals who work in the industry and at the same time study. Students may also quit their job to pursue the course, do right after they graduate or the company in which they are working might sponsor for their further education. It is always advisable to do MBA after getting some job experience.

There are many job opportunities that MBA offers. These include consultancy, finance, HR, marketing, sales, management, and healthcare.

1)    Health Services Manager

He makes sure companies, doctors, technicians and clerical workers stick to the government reforms in delivering healthcare facilities.

2)    Management Consultant

It is a problem-solving job. It helps companies and governments to solve the problem that is related to major issues such as increase profits, reduce cost, efficiency, and productivity related issues.

3)    Information System Management

It is technology focused. They provide the company with a thorough cost analysis. How and why one should work with the right technology to increase the productivity and efficiency of the work and achieve better targets.

4)    Investment Banking

The person working under this head works as an underwriter. He has helped his clients (investors) with the fund needing companies and take the best decision for their clients.

5)    Marketing

People under this head are responsible to create, keep and satisfy the customer of the company. They are responsible to engage, create trust and awareness among the customers.

6)    HR

People in this field must know which people are the best for the company they shall know what the company needs, what are its goals., they are responsible for bringing fresh blood inside the company who can achieve companies targets and goals in a more efficient manner.

Other job opportunities are Sales, Private equity, data analytics, entrepreneurship, investment fund manager, financial manager and financial advisor. All these jobs are highly expected to show an upward trend in terms of success. Be clear about your interest, choose your industry and give your 100%.

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