INFYTQ Exam Pattern Details You Might Want to Know About

INFYTQ Exam Pattern:

The InfyTQ is a certificate program initiated by Infosys. The program is for all those students who score the cut offset by the company. The test helps determine the knowledge with respect to database and programming. The program is aimed at offering employment opportunities for students graduating in the academic year 2020. The InfyTQ exam pattern helps students prepare for a fantastic job opportunity in Infosys.

INFYTQ Exam Pattern
INFYTQ Exam Pattern

Here are the details of the InfyTQ exam pattern:

Eligibility criteria:

  • The candidate must be a citizen of Indian nationality.
  • The candidate must be a student of B.Tech/ B.E/ M.E/ M.Sc/ M.Tech/ MCA and are graduating in 2020.
  • Any candidate can apply for the InfyTQ exam, irrespective of the percentage and score of the exam.

Exam registration procedure:

  • Interested candidates can apply online.
  • Candidates can book a slot during the process of registration as per their convenience.
  • Candidates can book a slot for the date and city of choice along with the option of the exam.
  • The exam is conducted every year from the month of June till August.

InfyTQ exam pattern:

  • The InfyTQ exam is an online examination.
  • The exam consists of objective questions and coding.
  • The exam consists of 2 rounds.
  • The first round consists of 20 questions while the 2nd round consists of 2 questions.
  • The duration of each round is 3 hours.        
  • There is no negative marking in the examination.
  • The campus is an off campus drive for interested and eligible candidates.
  • The syllabus of the InfyTQ exam is as follows:
  • Basics of Programming using Python.
  • Object oriented programming using Python.
  • Data structures and algorithms using Python.
  • DBMS and SQL.
  • The candidate must attempt all the questions asked.

The InfyTQ exam pattern is a guide to the InfyTQ exam which any candidate can apply for.  

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