Importance of Voter ID card

India is the world’s largest democracy. India has a population of 1.3 billion people. And these millions of people follow different has innumerable political parties in its 29 state and thousands of districts or towns. These 1.3 billion democratic people have a special right that democracy gives them. This right is ‘right to Vote’. These people get to choose their leader and the future of their country. The innumerable political parties are elected by the people of the country. Thus, Voting & importance of Voter ID card becomes crucial for the democratic country like India. It is the duty of the citizens of this country to vote their leader. As their decision is the final decision.

Elections in India are held once every 5 years. As responsible citizens of the nation, it is our duty to exercise our right to vote and help in the development of the country. Because of the large population elections are not an easy affair. There are many cases where the elections are not held in a way it should have held. There are innumerable cases of fraud related to elections. Many fraudulent activities and malpractices Hence, to smoothen things to an extent, the Election Commission of India has introduced the system of Voter ID cards. A Voter ID Card is also known as the Electors Photo ID Card, which is issued by the Election Commission of India to all individuals in India who are eligible to vote. It serves as an acknowledgement that the voter is duly registered.

The objective of Voter ID card

The main purpose of this card is to improve the accuracy of the electoral roll and to help prevent cases related to electoral fraud related malpractices. It also acts as an Identity proof for the individual to give their vote. This card is also known by other names such as an election card, voter’s card, Voter ID.  The government of India simplified the voter registration process. The process doesn’t require you to stand in long queues to apply. The Election Commission has a fast-online process for the registration of your name in the voter’s list.

To register yourself as a new voter, you need to fill up form no. 6. Non-resident Indian can enrol themselves by filling form 6A. But they need to be present at a polling station in India to cast your vote. In some cases, Voter ID card serves as an identity card as well. Election commission mails the cards to all eligible voters advising them and informing them that they are registered to vote in a certain electoral. This voter Identity card explains to them when and where they can vote. It is considered as a reliable form of identification as when a voter presents the card at the voting station on election day, with or without an additional piece of identification, he is allowed to vote.

The purpose of this type of card is mainly to provide information to the voter. Generally, it is used in countries where there is little expectation that voters will which therefore prevent multiple voting. It may be marked when the voter has obtained a ballot. Preventing multiple voting. For the people who are not that literate and takes time to understand a certain language (like English) for them, the government of India has also provided the voter card with a design that is suitable for an electorate with a low literacy rate.

Voter identity card is an effective form of identification where many voters have no fixed address. It facilitates voting in areas where a voter may not be known personally and still he finds no difficulty in voting. Voter id card is one of the important documents for the people of this country. It has many rights attached and many benefits added. So, it a necessity to have a voter identity card after you become eligible to vote.





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