Importance of Aadhar Card That Every Indian Citizen Should Know

It is a set of a unique 12-digit number that is generated after scanning the person’s fingerprints and retina. It also includes an address of the holder on the other side of the card and a QR code which can be scanned digitally. The card can be attained only after the approval of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). According to the stats, As on March 10, 2016, Aadhaar numbers issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) stand close to 990 million. Aadhaar is already the world’s largest biometric database and the first online biometric-based identity system in the world.

Having an Aadhar card is very important for Indians as the Aadhar card is considered the most important identity card by the government. The Former Chief Election Commissioner T S Krishnamurthy has considered Aadhaar as the sole identity proof for voting in place of voter ID card.

The government of India has launched an Aadhar card in order to deliver various benefits to the citizens of India, including the LPG subsidy and MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) wages. The government is now planning to link the PDS (Public Distribution System) subsidy with the Aadhar card. The basic aim behind launching the Aadhar card is Identification of citizens and providing them with the terminal benefits of the government schemes.

Aadhar card is a nationally acceptable identity card and can be linked with bank accounts, insurance, and pension. It helps the government of India to curb illegal immigration to the country and will also help the government to fight against corruption as every individual carry only one unique number. Aadhar card gives universal identity to every resident of India. Further, the importance of Aadhar card becomes very crucial for the  following reasons:

It is identified as Identity Card:

The basic aim behind launching the Aadhar card is Identification of citizens. The Aadhar card can be used for a number of purposes, making it a universally acceptable government-issued card, without needing to register or apply for a separate card for each of these services. For example, an Aadhar card can be used as proof of identity, proof of address as well as proof of age In this way, it can be used for various reasons, as it can be used for all government-related services and programme.

Benefits of Subsidies:

The other basic aim of the government of India behind launching the Aadhar card is to provide the citizens of India with the terminal benefits of the government schemes and services. Aadhar card allows the holder to avail all government subsidies the holder is eligible for. Since the government already has all the necessary data of a particular individual through Aadhar card, they need only produce their Aadhaar card in order to avail of the various subsidies or programmes.

The government has so far introduced schemes whereby the Aadhar can be linked to a bank account and LPG connection so individuals can receive their LPG subsidy directly into their bank accounts. This also rules out the possibility of the funds being misappropriated or of individuals making fraudulent claims in order to claim benefits.

Easily Available:

The Aadhar card is the only government-issued document that is available anywhere, everywhere. An Aadhaar card can be applied for online. Known as an e-Aadhar, this is the downloadable version of the physical copy of Aadhar and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The authority mails the card to the applicants, but one can also download a PDF copy from the authority’s makes the Aadhar easily Available. Online downloading also reduces the risk of an original document being stolen/misplaced, since the Aadhaar can be downloaded onto any device and displayed when required.

It should be noted that the physical presence of the card is not required to avail the attached benefits of the card.

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