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IGNOU has various courses for its students. MCA is one of them. The course has a total of 6 semesters.  If you are looking for the full syllabus of this course then you will find the full IGNOU MCA Syllabus here. Semesters vise subjects are listed below.

Semester 1

subject Code                                                Title of the subject

  • MCS11                                                Problem Solving and Programming
  • MCS12                                                Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
  • MCS13                                                Discrete Mathematics
  • MCS14                                                Systems Analysis and Design
  • MCS15                                               Communication Skills
  • MCSL16                                Internet Concepts and Web Design
  • MCSL17                                C and Assembly Language Programming Lab

Semester 2

Subject code                                            Title of the subject

  • MCS21                                             Data and File Structures and Programming
  • MCS22                                             Operating System Concepts and Networking Management
  • MCS23                                             Introduction to Database Management Systems
  • MCS24                                             Object-Oriented Technologies and Java Programming
  • MCSL25                               Lab is based on the subjects MCS-021, 022, 023 and 024

Semester 3

Subject code                                       title of the subject

  • MCS31                                              Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • MCS32                                               Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • MCS33                                                Advanced Discrete Mathematics
  • MCS34                                                  Software Engineering
  • MCS35                                                 Accountancy and Financial Management
  • MCSL36                                  Lab is based on the subjects MCS-032, 034 and 035

Semester 4

Subject code                                      title of the subject

  • MCS41                                              Operating Systems
  • MCS42                 Data Communication and Computer Networks
  • MCS43                                          Advanced Database Mathematics Management Systems
  • MCS44                                          Mini Project
  • MCSL45                           Lab based on UNIX and Oracle

Semester 5

Subject code                          title of the subject

  • MCS51                   Advanced Internet Technologies
  • MCS52                   Principles of Management and Information systems
  • MCS53                        Computer Graphics and Multimedia
  • MCSL54                        Lab (based on MCS-051 and 053)
  • MCSE3                       Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management
  • MCSE4                        Numerical and Statistical Computing
  • MCSE11                        Parallel Computing

Semester 6

Subject code                 title of the project

MCSP60                         Project

IGNOU MCA Syllabus

Candidates who wish to check the detailed IGNOU MCA Syllabus can check the same by following the steps below.

  • In order to check, the candidates who want to download the IGNOU MCA Course Syllabus can do so by logging in the official website of the organization that is ignou.ac.in
  • Then once you log in. from the home page, you have to go to the “School of Studies” section which you will find under the section “About Us” section
  • After that a new page will be open, there you have to click the “School of Computer and Information Sciences” (SOCIS) link
  • Then from the next page, go to the “programme” section and click on the “Master of Computer Applications” (MCA) link
  • Then you have to click the “Programme Guide” tab
  • When you will click that tab, the entire IGNOU MCA syllabus 2018 PDF will open on your desktop screen.
  • From there you can download the complete IGNOU MCA course syllabus and start your preparation according to the syllabus mentioned.

After looking at all the syllabus, it is essential to follow some smart tips in order to excel and which will surely help you to study and prepare better. So, below are some tips that will help you to understand and prepare well for your IGNOU MCA exams.

  • After going through the entire IGNOU MCA Examination syllabus, do not forget to check the exam pattern. This will tell you the topics on which you should spend more time and concentrate more.
  • Evaluate the topic as per the worth and importance of them in the exam and start studying accordingly.
  • Then it is essential to make a schedule and give priority to important and worthy subtopics. Follow your schedule strictly.
  • Also, in order to improve, you can take daily IGNOU Mock Test.
  • Also, Refer to IGNOU Previous Year Papers
  • In order to prepare well, you can also prefer best recommended IGNOU Books.

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