How to Correct or Make Changes in Voter ID?

India is the world’s largest democracy. India has a population of 1.3 billion people. And these millions of people follow different religions. Voting is an important part of the democratic country like India elections. In India are held once every 5 years. The Electoral Photo ID Card (EPIC) is an identity card which is issued by the Election Commission to all the citizens of India who are above the age of 18 years. It is for the citizens of the nation to vote and practice their democratic rights. Voter ID card acts as a general identity card, as an address and age proof. One can buy a sim card and a passport with the help of Voter ID card.

Since voter id is treated as an identification certificate in my cases, it is very important that your voter ID has true details about you. Date of birth is something which never changes. So, it is important to present your true date while applying for the voter id card for the first time. Date of birth is proved by providing your Aadhar card document, it may happen sometimes that the officials of the department make any mistake in writing the date. The chances of this mistakes are not very high but if still, you find the mistake on your Voter ID, it is your duty to bring this mistake to the notice of the department people and get it rectified as soon as possible.

Voter ID carries personal details such as face photo, date of birth and address of the cardholder. Voter id card includes the serial number, a hologram sticker and stamped signature of the issuing authority. Error not only in name but if you find error in any other information on voter id, you may follow the procedure given by the concerned authority. The authority is the election commission. Voters who find that their name or any other information is wrong can get their name corrected in the list by following a simple process.

The commission has provided both an online method and online method to rectify the mistake. If you wish to update the voter id card online, you may follow the steps below.

  1. Log onto the official website the National Voters Services Portal.
  2. Find “Correction of entries in an electoral roll” and click on it.
  3. A new page opens up. Click on “Form 8” in the page.
  4. After this, you will be direct to the actual page where you can request for voter card correction.
  5. Enter the details asked in the form.
  6. If you already have a voter ID card, then you need to just provide details like the card number, the date when it was issued, the state where it was issued, and the constituency it was issued for.
  7. Upload documents asked like your latest photograph, a valid ID and address proof.
  8. Next, choose the details which need to be corrected/changed. In this particular case, you will have to click on the tab which says “My Name” in order to ensure that the procedure changes only the name in your voter ID.
  9. Enter the place you are making a request from (city) and Mention the date on which this request to correct the name in your voter ID is being made.
  10. Provide your contact information (mobile number, email ID).
  11. Verify and click the “Submit” tab.

If you wish to make changes offline, then follow the steps below.

  1. Get an application form from the Electoral Registration Officer or the Assistant Electoral officer of your area. You can also download the form from the official website. This form is free of cost.
  2. Fill and submit the Form 8 along with the needed documents.
  3. You can also send the form by post, at the address of the Electoral Registration Officer or Assistant Electoral Registration Officer of your area.

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