How to Change of Date of Birth in Passport?

A passport is one of the most important forms. Passport is one of the most reliable sources of identification. If you wish to fly overseas, you cannot go without a passport. It is important to have a passport if you plan to travel to a different country. The Indian passport is issued to every citizen who wishes to travel abroad.  It helps you will be able to prove who you are and where you are from. Because strictness related to the travel security has increased it makes almost an impossible task to travel outside the country without a passport. According to the state department, the quickest you can get the passport is within 8 business days. Even if you do not wish to go abroad anytime soon, you still shall have a passport ready beforehand So that you can pick up and go in a pinch. It Is very important that your passport shall have all the right details about you.

As your passport also officially serves as your identity card, it is important you check all your details are up to date. While issuing the passport the holder’s date of birth is based on the details on the Aadhar. It might be possible that the passport officer by mistake your provided date of birth incorrectly. It doesn’t happen that often but if it does happen with you then, it is your duty to check the details in the passport after receiving it. If you see any mistake in your passport then you can request the passport officer to change your date of birth. It is to be noted that you can request the officer to change your date of birth in the passport within 5 years from your date of issuance. After that, the date of birth cannot be changed. And while submitting the request to change in date of birth, you have to give a fine of ₹ 500. When you applyi for Indian passport, you need to provide the department with your Date of Birth in the application form along with the proof.

For Proving the Date of Birth, The following can be shown along with the application form,

  • Birth Certificate that is issued by a municipal authority or district office of the Registrar of Births & Deaths
  • Date of Birth certificate from the school last attended by the person who is applying for the passport
  • An affidavit stating the date of birth by illiterate or semi-illiterate people applying for the passport.

In case of people who are born on or after 26-01-89, only a birth certificate that is issued by the municipal authority or the office of the registrar of births & deaths is acceptable by the department.

The entire process of change in date of birth was lengthy and cumbersome as it involved a lot of paperwork. But, If the PIA (passport issuing authority) is satisfied with the claim and your mistake or the officer’s mistake based on documents submitted by the applicant or the holder of the passport, then passports with a revised date of birth can be issued by the authorities concerned. “Based on the genuineness of the cases, the passport issuing authorities can issue fresh passports,” Chief Passport Officer Arun K Chatterjee told PTI.

It is advisable to be true with your information that you provide for issuing a passport for the first time. As it can lead to a lengthy and a time-consuming procedure afterward. If you notice your wrong date of birth on your passport after 5 years, it becomes nearly impossible for you to change the date of birth. As it a national identity card, you need to be very sure for the first time you make a request to issue the passport.

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