How to Change Name in the Passport?

A Passport is one of the most important forms. Passport is one of the most reliable sources of identification. If you wish to fly overseas, you cannot go without a passport. it is important to have a passport if you plan to travel to a different country. passport helps you will be able to prove who you are and where you are from. To apply for the Indian passport your basic eligibility shall be that you must be an Indian citizen. Since it is treated as an official identification card by the Indian government, it is necessary to update your passport when needed. Your passport shall be up to date. If you get married and you decide to change your name or your surname, or you changed your name without getting married, you can change your name in your passport.

The Indian government has given the procedure on how one can change their name under the above-mentioned circumstances. The procedure is quite simple and easy. You can easily correct, update, or correct your name. changing your name or adding a name to your name after marriage amounts to change in your passport name and do remember that is equally crucial to change the name in your passport as it to get your passport issued.

There are two methods for the holder of the passport to apply for the change in name. If you wish to change, update, correct the name by an online method, or by an offline method, you may follow the steps below.

  • He/She will have to visit the Passport Seva Kendra (offline)or the official website and apply for a re-issue’ (online)of Passport and download Form No. II for Miscellaneous Services and fill in the required details.
  • Along with the form, the applicant will have to submit the following documents:
    • Original Passport along with a copy of the first two and last two pages that have been self-attested.
    • Based on the reason for the change of name, the following documents will have to be submitted:
  • In case a woman wishes to change her name after marriage, she will have to submit a copy of her husband’s passport (if there is any passport) along with a copy of the Marriage Certificate, the certificate shall be attested or any supporting evidence such as joint photo with an equivalent affidavit (Annexure D’).
  • In case of a divorce, the person who is applying for a change in name, she or he has to submit a certified photocopy of the Decree of Divorce along with sworn affidavit (Annexure E’).
  • If it is a case of remarriage then, in that case, a copy of the Divorce Decree or Death Certificate along with proof of second marriage shall be provided.
  • If the above circumstances are not applicable then sworn affidavit (Annexure E’) along with original advertisement in two daily newspapers regarding change of name. The advertisement is acceptable only for a period of 30 days after publishing the advertisement.
  • The above must be submitted either online or at the Passport Seva Kendra (offline) on the appointed day.

The corrected or the updated Passport will be sent to the individual after some days.

Follow the procedures correctly and you will get your updated passport in a few days as said by the passport issuing authority of India. Avoid making frequent changes in your passport as it may lead to unwanted situations. Update your passport only when it is too important to update. Since passport also serves as the identity card in India, keeping it up to date with correct information is a must.

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