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How to Apply Patta:

Patta is one of the most important document when it comes to any dealing inland. It is a government record that comprises of all the details of the piece of land, big or small, like the area of the land, location of the land and its survey details and the details of the ownership of land. Patta is a mandatory document required while making any form of land purchase or sale. Verifying the Patta helps in ensuring that the property at hand is being bought from the rightful owners as listed in the government records.

How to Apply Patta Online
How to Apply Patta Online

A Patta consists of the following details:

  • Name of the District, Taluk and Village
  • Patta Number
  • Name of the owner
  • Survey number and subdivision
  • Is it a Wetland or a Dry land
  • Area of the land and Tax details

In today’s time, it becomes difficult to go personally to the office and get a patta. The question that arises is how to apply patta online? This can easily be done in some simple steps.

  • To apply for Patta online in your respective state, go to the website .
  • Once you find the link to your state and city, log in to the link given.
  • For transfer of the name of Patta, you must submit an application to the zonal tehsildar of your area. The application must contain vital details about your district, taluk, survey number, subdivision number of the area of land in question.
  • You must attach a copy of the registration certificate of the land and the encumbrance certificate with the application.
  • On verification of the documents by the Tehsildar office, the land or property will get registered.
  • An E-certificate will be issued by the Town Survey Register regarding the Patta.

The answer to the question on how to apply patta online is very easy! You can also log in to the website to register in simple steps as specified above.  

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