Geography Paper Pattern SSC 2020 Details You Might Want to Know

Geography Paper Pattern SSC 2020:

The Senior Secondary School examination or the class 10th board examinations are now mandatory for all students to appear in, unlike the previous years. The major boards across India which include the Central Board of Secondary Education, ICSE, IB, and other state boards conduct board exams for SSC. The SSC exam comprises exams in various subjects which include English, Hindi, Maths, Science and Social Science. The subject of geography falls under the ambit of Social Science. The geography paper pattern SSC 2020 has undergone changes like all other subjects.

Geography Paper Pattern SSC 2020
Geography Paper Pattern SSC 2020

The CBSE has introduced changes in various subjects that students appear for class 10th. The changes aim to test the analytical abilities and the reasoning skills of the students leading to a better understanding of the subject and also improving the educational standards of various educational institutions across the country.

Geography exam pattern:

  • The exam will consist of short answer type questions ranging from 1 mark to 5 marks.
  • The exam is 2 levelled which includes internal assessment and the board exam.
  • The internal assessment holds a weightage of 20 marks while the board exam will be of 80 marks in all.
  • The Social Science paper includes subjects like History, Geography, Civics and Economics.
  • The duration of the exam is 3 hours/ 180 minutes.
  • The internal assessment marks will be assessed in the following manner:
  • Periodic test: 10 marks each
  • Subject activities: 5 marks
  • Notebook submission: 5 marks
Question Type Total Questions Marks/ questions
Very Short Answer Type Questions 1 to 7 1
Short Answer Type Questions 8 to 18 3
Long Answer Type Questions 19 to 25 5
Map Question for history 26 to 27 1
Map Question for Geography 28 3
  • 3 marks questions – about 80 words.
  • 5 marks questions – about 100 words.

For any further details regarding the Geography paper pattern SSC 2020 check the CBSE website at .      

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