Fake Taxidermy DIY — Make It For Your Home Or Gift It To Someone

To make Fake Taxidermy DIY for your home or to gift someone. You need to follow the steps given below:


  1. Plenty of 16 Ga.
  2. Dark Annealed Wire (I bought the 2lb reel).
  3. Wire cutters.
  4. Pliers or jewelry tools are helpful for twisting the wire ends
Fake Taxidermy DIY
Fake Taxidermy DIY

Step 1: Make the base

he first thing I did was make a wire circle to use as my base. Depending on how large you want your animal head you can determine the size of your base. I also was sure to add a little loop up at the top of the base for hanging.

Step 2: Build the neck

The next thing to do is to build a neck. I used 4 equal lengths of wire and attached them to the base. I curved them slightly so that they weren’t sticking straight out of the base but concave in a bit as a neck of an animal does. Then I made another circle (slightly smaller than the base circle) and attached it to the ends of the neck wires.

Step 3: Start Building the face

Then I started building the head. Following somewhat my inspiration pic, I built the head using curving pieces. First, one coming up from the neck to form the chin piece, then two others curving down from the top of the head to the chin piece.

Step 4: Now build the head

Next, I added a long piece of wire that connects all three of those new parts together. After this, I added another wire that curved a bit and came down forming the front of the face from the base of the neck to under the chin.

Step 5: it will now start to look like something, add more curves accordingly

See how it’s starting to kinda look like something? Even if it is a little whompy. Then I added a couple more curvy piece to either side on the center wire on the face and made and added ears. From here you could probably make this into a variety of different horned creatures.

Step 6: Make the Antlers

At last, made the antlers. To do this I took two really long pieces of wire cut to the same length. I folded them in half (at the same time), and started forming the “branches” up the sides of each. Then I pulled them apart and attached them to the top of the head inside each ear. I had to mess with them a bit to get them to look somewhat symmetrical.

And you are done!

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