Easy And Cheap DIY To Sell You Might Want to Know

Easy And Cheap DIY To Sell:

A hobby has transformed many lives. A simple idea that turned into a million-dollar business, that’s what dreams are made of. People with their DIY skills have transformed the very concept of the hobby. You can do that too, with simple ideas and easy and cheap DIY to sell.

Here is an easy and cheap DIY to sell and establish your craft making skills:

Door For Spider-Man in the MCU is Closed
Door For Spider-Man in the MCU is Closed

DIY Soy Candles

– Soy wax around 1 pound (20oz) to fill 16oz worth of containers (2-8oz containers or 4-4oz containers)

– Burner or a stovetop to melt the wax.

– Pouring pitcher or any regular pot will also do. A good pitcher is required to pour the wax well into the containers.

– Wick bars or anything to hold the wick in place till the wax cools. – Candle containers/ jars. Use medium straight-sided jar with gold lids.

– Fragrance or essential oils like cinnamon, blue spruce or pine. 1 oz of fragrance is enough to scent about 1 pound of wax.

– Pre-tabbed candle wick

– Hot glue gun – the glue is used to keep the wicks attached to the bottom of the container/jar.

– Color of choice. Just stir in a dye chip when you add your fragrance.

– Thermometer – a candy thermometer will also work.

– Labels these are not essential but they give the candles a professional look especially if you’re aiming to sell your DIY.

Door For Spider-Man in the MCU is Closed
Door For Spider-Man in the MCU is Closed


  • Put all the wax chips in a pouring pitcher or pot and heat until the wax has melted.
  • Remove from heat once the wax has melted. The ideal temperature should be 185°f. Be careful while handling the wax as overheating the wax could lead to the wax catching fire.
  • Glue the pre-tabbed wicks into each container bottom with a hot glue gun. Put the wick bar on top of the container, insert the wick keeping it tight and centered.
  • Into the melted wax pour the fragrance of the essential oil. You can also add color at this point if you want colored candles.
  • Cautiously pour the aromatic melted wax into each of the containers with wicks.
  • Allow it to cool till the wax is hard and white. This usually takes about 30-60 minutes.
  • Remove the wick bar and cut the wicks to about 1/2 inch long.
  • Cover the jar with lids and label the fragrant candles.

Your DIY Soy Candles are easy to make and look pretty to be bought and used around any home. A very easy cheap DIY to sell, the DIY soy candle will give you the pleasure of hobby-ing and also money with it.

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