Do It Yourself (DIY) Ideas for Bracelets

Bracelets are considered as beauty on your wrist that reflects your emotions. It is an important part of the women’s jewellery. There was a time when bracelets & many different ideas for bracelets were so much in fashion as it was tradition for the young children. One of the biggest trends that emerged were friendship bands or bracelets. This could be still seen among the young children.  When I was kid I used to look forward to this day, as this was the day when we used to get a bunch of beautiful bracelets. Even today, bracelets are still considered as an important part of women’s’ jewellery. It not only adds the much-needed elegance to your looks but also at the same time looks fashionable.

Ideas for bracelets

Following are some DIY ideas for bracelets that a woman should know.

  • The first idea is the simplest of all. One can make a super fun zipper bracelet in minutes.
  • The other one the wire wrapped band bracelets. These bracelets are very comfortable to wear and at the same time, they are super trendy.
  • Then comes the sea glass bracelets. These bracelets look super cool and they are fit for special occasions. These bracelets are a must try.
  • Then comes the bracelets which are made especially for winters. They too look magnificent. You can make DIY ombre dip dyed nautical rope bracelets. The tutorials for such bracelets are available everywhere on the internet.
  • The next comes the bracelets which are made from the treasures from the beach. Treasures like coral and shell resin bangles.
  • You should also try making the Fabric twine bracelet by Sum of their Stories.
  • The next on the list is the Leather chain bracelets, these bracelets are dun and they look beautiful.
  • You can also try making chain link and washer. These bracelets are super stackable.
  • The next on the list comes the braided leather bracelet. Such bracelets were initially made for guys, but over the time they have proved to look even better on girls.

Ideas for bracelets

  • This one on the list is must try if you love wearing bracelets. The braided friendship bracelets look beautiful.
  • Next, the Wire wrapped gemstone bracelets are the bracelets which are typically for the days which are important.  These bracelets are made with stones. One can match the stones with every outfit that one wears.
  • Junk mail bracelets? You’d better believe it! Bring out the office supplies to make this beautiful paper clip and junk mail bracelet by Homework.
  • If you know or are a Tetris fan, this Tetris bracelet will be your favourite. It’s not only easy but at the same time a necklace too can be made out of it.
  • Heart friendship bracelets suit every occasion.
  • The last on the list but surely the one that you should try is the watch version. Such watch bracelets still look cool and they serves the dual purpose. Such bracelets are not that hard to made but once they are made they adds up the value of your bracelets.

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