Do It Yourself (DIY) homemade body scrub

Our skin is the most important part of our body and that is the reason why we tend to care for our skin a bit more than any other part. On the other hand, it is really important to take care of your skin.  After a certain age, cleansing and moisturizing become an important need for our skin. In order to make your skin look attractive and different from the rest of the people, you need to put some extra effort.

No matter how much care you do, sometimes all you need is to treat your skin in a way which is different from your routine skin care. That is when the use of homemade body scrub comes into the picture. Scrub cleanses your skin in a way like no other cream, moisturiser or skin treatment does. And on the top of that if your scrub is a homemade material then it just adds to the advantages of it. Treating your skin with the help of scrub is healthy and is very beneficial for your skin.

The Benefits of Using Homemade Body Scrubs are as follows.

  • The first and the important benefit is that the homemade body scrubs are not at all expensive and are extremely easy to prepare.
  • When it comes to your skin, you are extra careful with the products you use. The right scrubs give your skin the boost that makes look radiant and flawless.
  • Body scrubs help you to clean your pores, leaving you with soft, smooth, and younger-looking skin.

Following is a list of home-made body scrubs that one should know.

  • Coffee and Sugar Body Scrub

homemade body scrub

Coffee and sugar body scrub is used for a glowing skin. This is one of the best scrubs you can use for your skin to look flawless. Coffee is rich in antioxidants which help fight cellulite while the sugar in this mixture is perfect as it helps get rid of dead skin. The scrub also includes virgin olive oil which helps to keep your skin hydrated. It is advisable to use this mixture twice or thrice in a week. The mixture shall be kept for 5-10 minutes.

  • Sea Salts Body Scrub

Even this scrub is considered good for a glowing skin. Sea salt is rich in minerals. The mixture also has various agents that helps to make your skin healthy and younger.  Sea salt also helps to improve circulation of blood and therefore removing various issues which are related to the body. The scrub shall be kept for 15 minutes.

  • Coconut Oil Body Scrub

The scrub is used by many people for glowing and healthy skin. It is a budget friendly and easy to prepare scrub which helps to make your skin feel light and clean. The scrub can be used twice or thrice in a week.  The scrub shall be kept for 15 minutes on the face.

  • Olive Oil, Peppermint, And Sugar Scrub

One of the scrubs that help your skin feel energized after applying. It Is enriched with the refreshing scent of peppermint essential oil that makes your skin feel lively and healthy. It shall be kept on the for 5 minutes before washing.

  • Epsom Salt Body Scrub

Epsom salt is well known for its anti-oxidant properties. If you have a rough skin this scrub helps you to smoothen your rough skin. It helps to relax your muscles and lowers blood pressure. The mixture shall be kept for 15 minutes before washing. It should be once a week.

  • Oatmeal Body Scrub

The scrub is considered as one of the best natural scrubs. It helps to kill the dead skin of the face. The scrub shall be kept for 10 to 15 minutes on the face before washing. The scrub can be used twice a week.

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