Do It Yourself (DIY) Diwali decorations

With the Diwali festival around the corner, it is almost time that you clean your house and think about home decoration. It is better to plan early in order to avoid last moment confusion. we totally agree that Diwali means that time if the year when you have a lot of festive responsibilities like cleaning your house (like we discussed above), preparation of sweets, giving gifts, shopping, and many more such responsibilities. But If you have not much thought about the Diwali decoration then try something new this year! have you ever thought of decorating your house with DIY Diwali decorations ?

The DIY does not have to be time-consuming or very difficult. Even the simplest of all can make your house look beautiful and lovely. There are a lot of quick and simple DIY ideas to decorate your house for the festive occasion. All you need is bit patience and you will be done in less than an hour. For your inspiration, following are some innovative DIY ideas that will make your house look bright and beautiful and that too in a low cost.

Diwali decorations

  • Paper cup garland

For this project, you’ve to wrap the paper cups with decorative papers of your choice. After doing this, make an X mark on the bottom of the cups, and cut it with a knife. This will be the hole where your light Slip the light bulbs to the bottom of each paper cup in the garland. You have to do this until you cover the whole length of the garland. Try using the Led light bulbs instead of normal bulbs to prevent fire.

  • The candle inside a jar

For this project, pick your favourite few mason jars of various sizes. Now, you’ve to wrap them with laces and ribbon. After that place the candles inside. It is a very simple project and it will still look very elegant; your cab decorates the jar as per your choice.

Diwali decorations

  • Paper bag luminaries

In order to make paper bag luminaries, you have to punch your paper with a decorative hole and then put your candle inside. Please note, that use battery candles instead of original candles. Even if you don’t have a decorative punch, you can create one by punching the paper bags with a safety pin.

  • Washi tape Diwali tealights

Tealight candles are perfect for Diwali decoration but in order to make it look more attractive to use washi tapes for the decoration. The width of the washi tapes is the same as the holders. Wrap them around the tealight.

  • Henna-decorated candles

You can even decorate your plain looking white candles. Choose a 5cm (diameter) candle for painting your canvas. paint your pattern with a henna cone. When it’s dry, you can mix PVC glue with a little water, and then you can use a brush to coat your henna-decorated candle.

Diwali decorations

  • Hand-painted diyas

What is Diwali without diyas. For this, you have to buy plain diyas and then try painting your diyas with bright colours and make a pattern of your choice. It will definitely look prettier and colourful.

  • Wine Bottle and Fairy Lights

For this one, all you have to do is to place the bottle anywhere in the house and place fairy lights around them. It will look classic and beautiful. it is simple yet elegant. The lamp will brighten up the corner of your house.

  • Crepe paper torn

This crepe paper toran that will make will surely last longer than fresh flower toran . To create your own toran, you need to get crepe papers in various colours. You can also add gold bells at each end to make it look beautiful and more festive. Even when the festival is over, you can still save the toran and use it in some other occasions.

  • Thread Lantern

For this project you have to first, Inflate the balloon and then mix 3 tablespoons of water with 4 tablespoons of glue in it. Also, add 3 tablespoons of flour to it. Stir it well and make sure the mixture is not too thick. Then you have t cover the balloon with Vaseline. After this take a ball of wool and tie one end of it to the knot on the balloon. After that, you have to dip the balloon in the mixture that you have made above. Now tie the wool around the balloon and it’s done. It will look so beautiful with the lights that you can even use it after the Diwali gets over.

Diwali decorations

  • Cloud Light

for this project, you have to attach the cotton to the paper lanterns with the help of the glue. Use string to hang the lanterns to the rod and the put fairy lights from the top. It is a very unique idea.

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