Do It Yourself (DIY) Book Cover Ideas

Going to college or your you for no reason decide to decorate your bookshelf. you can cover your books at home. You can use the creative ideas of the book cover to make it look pretty and neat at the same time. So, if you are considering to recover all the books that you own then you can follow the ideas below. After all, decorating your bookshelf is a part of home décor, right?

Below are some cool ideas that will make your textbooks look pretty.

  • Brown Paper

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When the original cover of the book becomes old or when the original book cover is worn out, you can prevent it by covering it simply with a brown paper. You can further decorate the cover by yourself writing the titles on the book.

  • Maps

You can even cover the wrap your precious and loved books with a map. If you love travelling, or traveling fascinated you then this cover is perfect for you!

  • Magazines

This is another creative idea to cover your books. You can actually use old magazines that are kept in your house to cover your notebooks and textbooks. The photos in the magazine will make your book look pretty. You can even cut the photos that you like in the magazine to create a colourful collage cover for your notebook.

  • Washi Tape

Book Cover

It is also the simplest of all. Washi tape is available in various patterns and designs. You can use the tape you like to create a beautiful cover for your textbook. It is a simple and time-saving project. It will take less than an hour and will also at the same time make your notebook look very attractive.

  • Painting

For this project, all you need is some good paint colours. Choose the colours you like and think about the pattern/ design or any cartoon you wish to draw or paint. Follow your heart, and you might end up making some really cool stuff. If you are really good in all such things then you must try painting or drawing for your book cover.

  • Fabric

Ave you have thought about fabric book cover? Even if you have, this project will totally help you to make one. For this, either you can buy a swatch of patterned fabric or use your old jeans or clothes for making a cover for your book. Fabric will give a soft touch to your book. And it will definitely look unique and creative. As I said, you can even use an old t-shirt, or you can even use an old pair of jeans to cover your old books. You can also use the pockets of you for pencils and for related notes.

  • Polka Dot School Book Covers

Book Cover

This way of covering books is still used by many schools going kids. You will get polka dots paper in your nearby stationary shops. You can choose the colours of your choice and cover the book with that. You can cover your various notebooks with different coloured polka dots sheets.

  • Ice Cream Sandwich

If you are ice cream sandwich lover then this book cover is definitely made for you. You can use an identical brown cover for your textbook. This cover is perfect for your cookbook 9 if you’ve any). So, turn your book into an ice cream sandwich.

  • Printable vintage notebook.

For this project, you can download printed texts from the internet or even cut such vintage looking designs from any of the magazines and newspaper. Cover your textbook with it. It will surely look very adorable.

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