Do It Yourself (DIY) Birthday Cards Ideas

Birthdays are special and so are the gifts. Buying your friends, family and close one’s beautiful birthday cards from the store is a sweet thing to do but making them one is something that will surely be memorable. If you are a DIY lover then you must know how special DIY or homemade birthdays cards make your people feel. Making a birthday card for your people will definitely show them how much you care for them. These cards are something that will be saved for life by your loved ones.  They will surely appreciate your effort no matter how attractive it looks.

  • Birthday candle card

Birthday Cards

This card looks very attractive once made.  It can also be used in multiple purposes. You could use this one as a birthday card for a friend or as an invitation to your own party. The making of this card is really simple

  • String balloon card

This is something that we have for once tried to make. It is a good idea to design a card that looks cute on the outside and heart-warming inside. The card includes cutting out of paper balloons and banner flags and then using some pieces of coloured strings to actually make a little party scene when the card will look way attractive and heart-warming.

  • Easy sprinkles lollipop card

Sprinklers are something which are loved by everyone. So why not use this lovable item in making a birthday card for your loved ones? Lollipops made of paper are covered with sprinkles either fully or hard (the way you like it) and glued onto a matching colour card. A cute message could be written in an equal size sheet along with your design.

  • Resourceful handcrafted cards

Birthday Cards

It could be made with the help of playing cards. A message could be written on the back of the cards. All these cards can be spiralled. It will not only look attractive but also meaningful to the person you wish to gift.

  • Paper cut-out age card

Sometimes using the papers that recycled can be surprisingly beautiful. You just need to cut the paper in the form that will make your card look beautiful and attractive. Your loved ones will surely love your effort in making this cute age cut-out birthday card. You could use any type of scrap or recycled paper you can find that you enjoy the pattern, colour, or texture of.

  • Washi tape candle card

If you love bright colours and patterns but you’re not very confident in your drawing and painting skills, there is a good option for you. You can try using washi tape that is easily available in your nearby stationary shop. You can use this washi tape to make pictures with nice straight lines and clean edges also. It comes in so many patterns and colour combinations. You will love making your birthday card with the help of these washi tape. One use of the washi card is making a fun birthday candle design.

  • Crimped paper card

It is one design which is easy to make and looks very attractive and beautiful. The textures on the card look good enough. If you are also the one who loves the crimped design, then you will love the idea of making a birthday card with this design. It is easier than any other design you can think of making with the help of paper. The final product will definitely look great.

  • Pop-out birthday banner and balloon card

Pop-out birthday card and balloon card is one idea that never gets boring. Balloons are something that we are all crazy about. So why not use them in making your birthday cards for your loved ones?

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