Do It Yourself (DIY) Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Parents love their children the most in the world. Gifts from them can make them proud and super happy.  Buying anniversary gifts for your parents are the hardest thing ever. You know your parents so well, even then finding what they actually need can sometimes be difficult. Making a gift is always better than buying a one. Parents will the effort and the gift will surely take a special place in their heart. Below are the DIY anniversary ideas for your parents. Whatever you choose to make, make sure that it is something that they can handle looking at forever.

  • Mosaic picture frames

Material required for the gift- a recycled Styrofoam tray, a cereal box, a couple of memorable pictures, craft paints, and some glue. All this you can easily find at your home. It is always special or the person to see their kids making some effort to make them happy.

Choose a memorable photo while making the gift and make a beautiful frame around it. Along with that these kid-made picture frames have a cool Mediterranean look.

  • Family recipe book

The next idea is to make a family recipe book for your parents. If your parents love cooking food and you love eating what they make, this gift idea is for you. It is something that they will cherish for all their lives. Passing down the best recipes is something many families do from generation to generation. Keep all the treasured recipes inside this book.

  • Upcycled key windchime

Find all the keys of the house which are not in use anymore. With the help of those leys, you can unlock your parents’ heart in a very special way. If unable to find such keys then even the toy keys will be useful.

  • Diy mid-century wall clock

This DIY idea is for the punctual parents. Who love their kids to teach them the importance of time every now and then. It will a timeless gift to give it to your parents.

  • Keychain for dad

Make a keychain gift for your parents. You can make different or same key chains for both of them. Make the key chains in such a way that they can use it in their day to day life. Making a keychain is not a hard task. It can be made with help of beautiful beads a string to hold them together. These materials are either kept at your home or are easily available in the nearby shops.

  • Modern art plates

For this idea, you need to find all the plates that look boring and are not in use. In other words, your parents find these plates too boring to use. Paint them in your way using beautiful colours. Make handmade plates for your parents so that your parents can still use them and be proud of you. These handmake plates can also be used as decoration. You can also use plastic palates for this.

  • Flower bottles

To make a beautiful vase for your parents all you need is cute stickers, tape, and glass juice bottles. Kids of any age will enjoy preparing this gift for their parents. The younger kids can use a few stickers (in a creative way), and the elder ones can get creative with the tape and stickers.

  • Recycled lid photo magnets

    Anniversary gifts

Use one of the best photos of you with your parents while making these magnets. Things parents love more: things made for them by their kids that are actual pictures with their kids. This gift is something which will help to strengthen the bond in a very special way and they’ll get to put them on the fridge and see them every day.

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