Do it Yourself Best Out of Waste

Every household has waste material at home. There are many things that one can make from waste material at home. There could be many things that can be made from waste materials at home. This creativity can also be used by the students for their school projects. It is best to reuse the waste of your house in such a way that it decorates your house.

Before starting, one should know that there are 3 kinds of waste material that could be found in your house.

First is the organic waste that includes kitchen wastes such as vegetable, flowers, leaves and fruits waste.

The next comes the toxic waste which includes materials like medicine, bulbs, paints, chemicals etc.

The last type of waste that you will find is Recyclable waste that includes paper, glass, metals and plastics.

Out of all these types, only the toxic waste is harmful and dangerous to one’s health and well-being. It is necessary to get rid of such waste on a daily basis. The other kind of waste that is the organic waste and recyclable waste is the waste that can be used to decorate, and for creative ideas. From such waste, you can create useful things for not only yourself but also for your close family and friends. It is a great way to reduce the waste in your house.  Below are the 10 ways in which you can make the best use of your home waste.

  • Spoon Vase Idea

  1. Firstly, you will need the spoon end.
  2. Then you need to Cut off the stem with a pair of sharp scissors.
  3. After that, you need to paint the outer convex part of the spoons.
  4. Then glue the spoons on the top of your container with glue.
  5. Then add layers of plastic spoons from the top till you reach the base of the container you are using.

Add some flowers of your choice and your vase is ready to use.

  • Pineapple Pen Stand Idea

  1. For this, paint the plastic bottle yellow and allow it to dry for some time.
  2. Then, cut the green wool into small strips and stick them diagonally
  3. Make zig-zag pattern lines on a green coloured paper.
  4. Cut the lines in the form of a pineapple leaf.
  5. Tick the leaves on the rim of the plastic bottle

Your pineapple pen stand is ready to use.

  • Popsicle Photo Frame Idea

It is a very easy and a creative idea.

  1. Paint the popsicle sticks on both sides with a colour of your choice.
  2. Stick the sticks in such a way that they form a square shape.
  3. Then, Cut a white paper a little larger than the size. Stick the popsicle sticks square to the white paper.
  • The Beach in A Bottle Idea

  1. Fill the bottle with enough sand to cover one side of the bottle if the bottle is tilted horizontally.
  2. Put inside the bottle small seashells and rocks.
  3. Add blue coloured water into the bottle to make it look like ocean water. Keep adding clue water into the bottle till it is 2/3rd part and for the rest 1/3rd part add oil.
  4. Tightly close or glue the cap of the bottle so that it cannot be opened and allow it to dry.
  • Clothespin Crocodile Idea

It is a very cute idea. All you need to do is to follow the easy steps below.

  1. Firstly, Paint the wooden clothes-pin with green colour.
  2. After that, you are required to draw teeth for the pin using a white paper. Stick the teeth you made on the white paper on both sides of the clip.
  3. Draw eyes and nose using a black marker.
  4. Use light green paper to create the scales of the crocodile and stick it on the pin.
  • T-Shirt Bag Idea

For this, you just need an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors.

Follow the steps below to make your own eco-friendly bag!

  1. First, you need to cut a circle along the neck of the T-shirt you choose.
  2. Then you need to cut the left and the right sleeves completely. It is important to make sure that the cut is equal on both sides.
  3. Turn the T-shirt inside out.
  4. Cut the rim at the base of the shirt.
  5. Lastly, you need to make fringes of 5 cm each at the bottom of your T-shirt and tie them together. Turn the t-shirt inside out again.


  • Other ideas that you can try are Ice-Cream Stick Bookmarks Idea, Ice-Cream Stick, Fighter Plane Idea, Vase from Bottle Idea and Bird House from Carton Idea. Follow your heart and you will be super happy to see your results.

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