DIY Wind Chimes in 8 Easy Steps To Decorate Your Home

Wind chimes are really beautiful ornaments that make a soft tinkling noise when the wind blows through them. They can be bulky, however, that doesn’t suit everyone’s tastes. If you are also one of these people, why not make a beaded wind chime instead? They are pretty delicate and can be made in any color of your choice. Best of all, if you wish to use glass or crystal beads, they can also double up as sun catchers. Here is a simple way to make DIY Wind Chimes for you.

Step 1: first you have to discard the outer part with the metal ring, and keep the smooth, inner part with yourself. You can also use a plastic embroidery hoop or a wooden one. If you wish to use a wooden embroidery hoop, you can paint it any color you wish.

Step 2: Paint the embroidery hoop and leave it to dry. You can also leave wooden embroidery hoops plain for a rustic effect if you wish , or you can paint them with acrylic paint of your choice. Painting plastic hoops is not recommended because the paint is more likely to chip off soon.

Step 3: now, cut some string twice as long as you want your chimes to be. The quantity of the strings is upto you. They can all be the same length, or they can be different lengths, it all depends on your taste.

Step 4: Now you have to tie a metal charm to the end of each string. You can also use small bells, metal findings, keys, or anything that will make a sound when clinked together.

Step 5: Slip the first couple of beads through both the string and the tail end of the chimes. This will keep everything looking neat and clean, and also prevents the tail end of the knot from sticking out. Leave a few inches at the end of each string empty.

Step 6: Now just tie the strings to the embroidery hoop. Wrap up the string around the hoop a few times tightly, so that the last bead clinked against the bottom edge.

Step 7: now, Cut 4 equal-length pieces of string, which will be used to hang your wind chime, so choose something sturdy

Step 8: Tie each string’s end to the embroidery hoop. Now wrap the string around the hoop a few times, then tie it to the itself. As the beaded strings are hanging down, these strings should be hanging up.

And you are done!

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