Creative DIY Water Fountain Ideas For Your Home In Easy Steps

The sound of water sprinkling down in your home or garden adds a sense of peace and calm. It soothes the mind and body and is known to emanate positive energy. A water fountain not only adds beauty to your house but also brings serenity to the surroundings. It might seem like a tedious affair but, believe you me, making a DIY water fountain is very easy.

I can assure you that it doesn’t take much time once you have zeroed in on what your water fountain should look like, all you need is to gather all the things and get down to some work.

3 Tiered DIY water fountain

Things needed

DIY Water Fountain
DIY Water Fountain
  • 3 plant pots of different sizes
  • 2 terracotta pot saucers
  • PVC pipe
  • Water pump
  • River rocks


  • Take the biggest pot as the bottom pot and seal the drainage hole with silicon or cement.
  • Insert the pump and place it on a sturdy base in the center of the bottom pot.
  • Attach the plastic extenders to the pump in order to raise it so the spray head is above the rim of the top pot.

  • Cut the PVC pipe to a length that will allow the second pot to sit just below the rim of the bottom pot. Repeat this step for the second pot and the top pot.
  • Accommodate the pump’s electrical chord.
  • Set the plastic pipe so it rests on the bottom of the largest pot. This becomes your base for the next step. You’ll notice the sturdy base we used to raise the pump to the desired height fits inside the PVC pipe

  • Place the medium pot on top of the pump extender and pipe.
  • Set the largest terracotta base through the pump extender and let it rest upside down on the top of the PVC pipe

  • Repeat the earlier step and insert the PVC pipe into the second pot.

  • Add the next size terra cotta saucer. Remember to place it upside down.

  • Add the smallest pot on top of the terracotta base.
  • Ensure your spray head is just above the rim of the top pot. You may need to add another pump extender to achieve the correct height.
  • Insert the fountain spray head onto the last pump extender.

  • Add the river rocks to the pots until the terra cotta saucers are completely concealed. Make sure you use a combination of large and small rocks.
  • Fill the bottom pot with water and plug it in.

Your 3 tiered DIY water fountain is ready for use.

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