DIY How To Make A Water Dispenser In Easy Steps

A water dispenser is an appliance that is designed to dispense clean potable water for drinking. As an appliance, it can become an expensive bargain to purchase. But in an inspired world, the DIY water dispenser comes to aid.

Here is an easy way to make your very own tabletop water dispenser to keep you hydrated all the time:




  • Empty Pringles can
  • Empty bottle
  • Empty Nutella jar
  • Scissors
  • Sheet of paper
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Hot glue gun
  • Knife
  • Empty toothpaste tube
  • Tube drinking straw


DIY Water Dispenser
DIY Water Dispenser
  • Keep the toothpaste cap on the side of the Pringles container and trace its circumference, further cutting out the traced circle using a nail clipping scissor.
  • Draw a curved line right underneath the hole and cut along the curve too. Draw two straight lines that extending from the two ends of the curve to the bottom of the container, and cut the shape out.
  • Make sure the section is wide enough to accommodate a glass later.
  • Cover the whole container with a sheet of white vinyl, or simply coat it with white spray paint. Cut out the two aforesaid shapes hiding beneath the paper as well.
DIY Water Dispenser
DIY Water Dispenser
  • Take the toothpaste tube and cut it through the middle, removing the contents and keeping the side with the cap for the project.
  • Divide the tube into smaller strips using a scissor without cutting the hard plastic part on top.
  • Extend the individual strips outwards and apply drops of hot glue on each of the strip. Adhere the toothpaste tube into the hole in the Pringles box, making sure that the opening of the tube sticks out of the hole.
  • Take the Nutella jar and mark a line through its center, while also extending the marking to the side of the lid.
  • Make two dots on the top of the lid in a way that they are in line with the marking on the side. Cut out the two dots, inserting the drinking straw through one of the small holes you just made.
  • To allow for passage of water through the dispenser, you put the lid upside down atop of the Pringles box, making the other end of the straw stick out through the toothpaste tube.
DIY Water Dispenser
DIY Water Dispenser
  • Once you get the right assembly, invert the lid and glue the straw in place, further putting it back on and gluing the straw to the toothpaste tube as well. Cut out the unwanted portion of the straw and put the cap of the toothpaste tube on.
  • Fill the Nutella jar with your favorite drink or simply water, and screw it to the Pringles container by turning the container upside down, lastly, flipping the assembly all over again. Now your water dispenser is all set to fill a glass kept inside the empty section of the dispenser with the drink!

This DIY water dispenser is made with regular stuff that you can find at home. Super easy and you can fill it in with your favorite drink and enjoy!!

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