DIY Wall Painting Ideas That You Might Want to Try

DIY Wall Painting Ideas:

Doing up your wall in your home is every DIYers dream. A wall that is symbolic of who you are and all the effort that has gone into designing it. The DIY wall painting ideas help to create gorgeous patterns on your walls that can be easily done and in a short time too.

Here are some wonderful ideas for your wall:

DIY Wall Painting Ideas
DIY Wall Painting Ideas
  • This cane inspired design can be made easily using painter’s tape and a hue of your liking.
  • This black and white wall looks stunning. Just paint your wall black and put white frames to give a fantastic effect to your wall.
DIY Wall Painting Ideas
DIY Wall Painting Ideas
  • Confetti wall is the easiest to make. Just take some painter tape in the color of your choice and place it randomly on the wall to give a messy arrangement.
DIY Wall Painting Ideas
DIY Wall Painting Ideas
  • Half and half wall paint gives a stark identity to your room.

After all these DIY wall painting ideas here is how you can paint your walls:


-painter’s tape

  • wall paint, base color
  • wall paint, accent color
  • 5-in-1 tool
  • laser level
  • paint roller and nap cover
  • brushes
  • hair dryer


  • Choose a Pattern and Paints: Custom walls are easy if you paint your own patterns. You need to choose two colors of interior wall paint: base coat and accent color. You could use two different sheens of the same color: i.e,. Glossy and flat. Tip: Use chevrons to create wainscoting, stripes to make walls look taller, or accent a mirror with a trellis pattern.
  • After that you have to practice, Then Begin Painting: Practice patterns on poster board before painting on wall. Apply base color.
  • You can use Tape to Create Pattern.  You can also use tape to create shape of pattern, mark lines with laser level. You need to press on tape and burnish with 5-in-1 painter’s tool. Tip – Get painter’s tape with treated edges for a strong seal.
  • At last you need to apply Accent Color over tape and remove immediately to help prevent new paint from tearing. You can use tape to paint customized patterns on accessories and furniture.

Your DIY wall painting ideas ae in order along with the basic skills for painting the house.

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