DIY Wall Hanging Ideas – Make Your House Look Prettier

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There are many varieties of wall hangings that can be made with the help of the yarn. Such beautiful wall hangings that are made with yarn add some serious bohemian charm to any space. As these wall hangings are made with the yarn, it eliminates the problem of wastage of yarn. Below are some creative DIY Wall Hanging Ideas which makes your house look prettier.

  • Stitched Embroidery Wall Hanging

Diy Wall Hanging

Diy Wall Hanging

This colourful wall hanging is made with the help of many different colour yarns. For this project, the hanging is stitched in a random manner that gives it a very organic and raw sort of vibe. Also, it’s a great way to get rid of leftover yarn and at the same time, it avoids wastage.

  • Fringe Wall Hanging

Diy Wall Hanging

This simple wall hanging has fringe along the bottom in a cream coloured yarn. This wall hanging will look beautiful when you choose simple subtle colours to make it. It has copper brown accents along the sides. It is very easy to make this fringe wall hanging.

  • Wreath Wall Hanging

Diy Wall Hanging

Diy Wall Hanging

This wall hanging looks very unique and beautiful. it more of look like the holiday wreath, and it is made by weaving bulky yarn in and out through a round wreath form. You can also add a big pom for making it look lovely.

  • Mini Circular Wall Hanging Set

Diy Wall Hanging

To make this type of wall hanging, you have to make three sets of miniature wall hangings. this idea will look great, while making the three set of miniature walls hanging, choose three contrasting colours. create each set in a circular shape as creating the circular shape is not as difficult as you might expect.

  • Diagonal Wall Hanging


For this project, all you need to do is to use 6 pretty coloured yarns. Then, take a piece of yarn and put the ends together. After that, take the middle of the yarn and place it behind the dowel and then Run the two ends through the loop. Pull both the neds until its tight. Then rotate the yarn to hang it down. Repeat this for all the 6 different yarns. After that cut all the yarn diagonally to make it look different and classy.

  • Colourful Weaving


For this project, you just have to weave a beautiful small piece with the help of colourful yarns and threads. You can also draw any pattern or a design of your choice to make it look more beautiful and elegant. Wile choosing the contrasting colours, you have to be sure to use contrasting colours to get this vibrant effect. Choose the colours wisely. And lastly just hang the beautiful vibrant looking piece the made on the wall of your choice.

  • Circular Pom Pom Wall Art

Diy Wall Hanging

Diy Wall Hanging

For this project, you can make pom poms with the help of tons of yarn scraps. Make colourful and bright poms poms. Make around 10 poms poms and glue all of these to some wooden backing. this stunning-looking wall hanging look beautiful in your house.

  • Shaggy Wall Hanging

Diy Wall Hanging

If you are a lover of messy things then this idea is surely for you. all you need to do is to put together all the yarn that is kept in your house. You can put any type of yarn, whether thick, big or small, it doesn’t matter. To make it look organic you can add various colours to it. The result will look messy yet beautiful and unique. You can hang it in your room and it will add to the one your favourite things in your room. The wall hanging looks attractive and elegant at the same time.

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