How To Make Your Own DIY VR Headset At Home

DIY VR Headset: 

A Virtual Headset is a head-mounted device that provides virtual reality for the wearer while playing computer games, simulators and trainers. It allows users to interact with simulated environments and experience a first-person view (FPV). VR headsets replace the user’s natural environment with virtual reality content, such as a movie, a game or a prerecorded 360-degree. Buying a VR headset can burn a big hole in your pocket… don’t worry, thanks to DIY you can make your own VR headset the DIY way.

DIY VR Headset

Things needed:

  • 1 Google Cardboard templates
  • Scissors
  • 1 Exacto knife (stencil cutter)
  • Glue
  • Quick dry epoxy
  • 1 Clear plastic bottle made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
  • 1 Syringe with needle
  • Velcro or rubber band
  • 1 Glue stick and glue gun
  • 1 Neodymium magnet (optional for older iPhones)
  • 1 Smartphone (iOS/Android)
DIY VR Headset
DIY VR Headset


  • Make bioconvex lens with an empty clear plastic bottle with a good curvature.
  • Then make a circular template (25mm diameter) on a sheet of cardboard/paper.
  • Using the circular template, cut the circular pieces from the plastic bottle using scissors. Make and cut at least 4 pcs of this, because you’ll need 2 pcs together to create a single biconvex lens.

  • Combine 2 pcs of the clear plastic together to create a biconvex shape lens.
  • Seal all the circumference sides of the biconvex shape plastic you just joined using quick dry epoxy.

  • Fill your syringe with clear water and carefully inject it inside the biconvex shape until you fill it up.(To remove bubbles, just pinch or gently squeeze the lens to slowly remove all the big bubbles in it.)
  • After successfully removing bubbles, fill it with water and seal it again. Also, seal the hole you just made with the syringe needle.

  • Download the templates from google and print on long board paper in landscape mode. Cut out the templates.
  • Attach the templates on the cardboard using glue.

  • Cut the cardboard based on the glued template. After cutting all the three parts of the template, you have to assemble it. The markings on the templates will guide you on where you can fold.

  • Place the convex lens onto the eye slot of the assembled cardboard headset.

  • Depending on which smartphone you have (Android/iOS), download any VR app or the stock Google Cardboard app and load it on your phone. Now place it inside the VR headset and try viewing it.
DIY VR Headset
DIY VR Headset

Our DIY VR Headset is ready for use. The goal of each type of VR headset is to provide the viewer with an experience that is so real, the headset itself is forgotten.

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