DIY VOCAL BOOTH – Customize and Design Your Own DIY Vocal Booth

A vocal booth, also known as a recording booth or sound isolation booth, is an enclosed structure built to provide the best possible isolation in terms of sound transmission. It is used to record vocals and solo instruments without the recording being compromised by any untoward external sounds. And if you love your music then you would probably need one. Getting a readymade one or a custom made one can be an expensive one, but thanks to DIY that you can customize and design your own DIY Vocal booth.

DIY portable mini vocal booth


  • Boxcutter
  • Sounds isolation foam 1m depending on the size of the box
  • 2 Cardboard boxes
  • Bolts/Stapler
  • Mic
  • Mic stand
  • Marker
  • Handle from a bag
  • Ruler


  • Take the cardboard box and cut all of the bottom and upper flaps off. Cut one of the short sides of the cardboard, which will leave you with 2 long sides and a short side in the middle.
  • Put the box flat on the ground, put the foam on top of it and check if everything is covered. For a 2 X 40 X 40cm and 15 X 4ocm box 1m of foam is sufficient.
  • Using a marker, mark the folds of the cardboard on the foam.
  • Measure the short side of the cardboard and the thickness of the foam (approx. 2 cm). Make sure you leave twice the thickness (approx. 4 cm) of the foam as spare space so the longer sides of the cardboard have space to move around.
  • Cut the marked foam. This will give you 3 pieces of foam, 2 even arms and 1 short middle part.
  • Staple or attach the foam with bolts on the sides.

  • For the top, cut the 2nd cardboard box to a size you can lay on top of the upright vocal booth. Mark the position of the arms of the booth with a marker.
  • Cut the marked cardboard and leave enough space (approx. 4cm) so that the cardboard can lean on the V contraption.
  • Place the handle on the middle of the cardboard box. Mark the points and attach the handle by bolts to make it sturdy.
  • Place the last piece of foam in the middle and attach it.

  • Attach a mic holder to the cardboard.

Your DIY vocal booth is ready for some rocking. Easy to make and easy to carry giving you the freedom to record anything anywhere.

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