DIY VERTICAL GARDEN – Starting A DIY Vertical Garden Made Easy!

In layman’s terms, a vertical garden is one that grows upwards or vertically using a support system rather than the ground. These vertical gardens can be used to grow flowers, herbs vegetables and just about anything!! This technique utilizes space to its maximum potential. Before the concept of vertical gardens became popular we would see our mother and grandmother place pots of plants on shelves… that was possibly the earliest vertical garden. DIY vertical gardens don’t require elaborate work.

Here is how you can make a vertical garden of your own.

Take a pallet and get hanging pots that can be fitted on the pallet. Choose plants that can be grown in the pots and place it on the wall or against it.

DIY gutter system is also a good vertical garden. Use old gutters and repurpose them for gardening. Make sure there is enough space between the gutter sections for sunlight to reach. Make sure that there are drainage holes in the bottom of the sections.

Trellis is the traditional vertical garden. Use a frame and some wire to form a mesh for the vine to grow. Make sure it is strong enough and placed well for the plants to grow.

Bottle garden is another way when you are short on space. You can repurpose old bottles and cans to grow plants and hang them on the wall.

You can also use a ladder and then place pots with plants to make a vertical garden.

DIY vertical garden using PVC pipes elbow joints. Just pick up PVC elbow joints from any hardware shop. Plant your herbs or plants and attach these to single boards or on a pallet to make a vertical garden.

Make your own DI vertical garden with PVC pipes. Just take a PVC pipe and make broad cuts and place your plants in the niche. These can be placed anywhere and are really easy to put up. Its great for growing flowers and succulents.

DIY vertical gardens take minutes to put up and creativity too. Rake your brains and turn your space into a lush green corner with DIY vertical garden.

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