DIY VAPE JUICE – Prepare E-Juice Using These Simple Ideas

Vape juice or E-juice is a heady mix of water, food-grade flavoring, choice of nicotine levels or zero nicotine and vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). It is a fluid used in vaporizers and electronic cigarettes to create actual vapor. It comes in a variety of flavors and nicotine levels including zero nicotine options. The food grade flavoring is the same as used in ketchup, salad dressings, and ice creams. The vaporizer heats up the e-juice to between 200 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit which turns it into a vapor that you then inhale. The DIY vape juice is a fun way to change the flavoring from your routine.

Here is how you can make your own DIY vape juice:


  • Propylene glycol (preferred base liquid for vape juice)
  • Vegetable glycerol (natural liquid extract derived from vegetables which have a tinge of sweetness)
  • Distilled water or vodka (this is used to thin out 100% VG mixes. Vodka gives added throat hit, as well, without having to add nicotine. If you don’t want to use vodka, consider adding distilled water instead)
  • Flavoring
  • Nicotine liquid of the strength that you want between 8 – 24mg.
  • Empty plastic bottle with childproof cap
  • Syringes
  • Tissue paper
  • Gloves


  • Prepare the nicotine required for the e-liquid to achieve the desired percentage. Adding too much nicotine can be a mess up so add a little less than the amount recommended by your e-juice calculator or the e-juice recipe, then add to the mix according to taste after steeping.
  • Prepare the flavor. You can either use one flavor or mix several different flavors. Add a little less flavor than what the e-juice calculator or the recipe recommends. It’s better to start with less flavor than to ruin the entire batch by adding too much. After steeping, do a taste test and add flavoring according to taste.
  • Prepare base. Choose any VG/PG blend depending on your recipe, between 50/50 and 80/20. Always remember that diluted nicotine usually contains some levels of PG or VG, so don’t forget to take that volume into consideration.
  • Mix the blend. When all the three are ready, mix it all in a bottle and shake it vigorously to properly mix.
  • Steep – This is a personal preference. Most e-juices will taste much better when steeped, just like good, aged wine. You can try out your freshly made e-liquid after you’ve experimented with how to make vape juice. When steeping, ideally you should leave the cap off and let oxygen play its trick and make the highly volatile fluids, such as alcohol, vaporize into the air. After steeping, the flavor and the color of the juice will change because of nicotine getting oxidized. Instead of a colorless or pale color, a more alluring, yellowish or even light brown color will be visible. In fact, a change in color is a sign of your juice being properly steeped.

Here are some DIY vape juice recipes:

Whimsical Milky Chocolate E-Juice Recipe

  • 70/20 VG/PG blend (approximately 16 ml and 5 ml)
  • Diluted nicotine (according to the strength, as desired)
  • 5 ml Coconut Milk flavoring
  • 5 ml Chocolate Roll flavoring
  • 3 ml vodka or distilled water

* Yields 30 ml of intensely flavored e-juice, and tastes best after at least 4 weeks of steeping.

Minty Paradise E-Juice Recipe

  • 50/50 VG PG blend (12 ml each)
  • Diluted nicotine (according to the strength, as desired)
  • 3 ml Peppermint flavoring
  • 1 ml Menthol flavoring
  • 5 ml Honey Dew flavoring

* Yields 30 ml of soft, cool flavor. Longer steeping results in a milder flavor, but if you like intensely rich flavor, just steep for a few days or skip it altogether.

It is highly recommended that you see the health risks involved in smoking. Learning how to make DIY vape juice can be exhaustive and time-consuming. It requires testing to get the perfect mix too. All of the above involves personal risk… please do take care!!

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