DIY Useful Gifts

DIY Useful Gifts:

Whether it’s the festive season or not, everyone loves a gift or two any time of the year. A gift doesn’t need any occasion, just the feeling of love and affection. A sense of warmth fulfills any gifting idea. And sometimes the best gift can be the one that you create yourself. DIY useful gifts don’t need any special skills, just the motivation to do so!!

Here are is a great DIY Useful gift idea:

DIY Mason jar candle


  • Mason jars (5-inch high or smaller)
  • Tabbed 6-inch, waxed wicks
  • Candle wax (You could use melted old candles or buy wax at the craft shop)
  • Aluminum pot with handle for wax melting
  • Large pot filled with water
  • Scissors
  • Optional: thermometer, fabric and/or burlap for lid decorating, bakers twine, ribbons, gift tag, candle burning warning stickers, etc.)


DIY Useful Gifts
DIY Useful Gifts
  • Melt the wax by putting it into an aluminum pot. Put this wax filled pot in another pit filled with water in a double boiler. Heat up the water, but don’t let it boil.
  • Wash the Mason jars and lids using warm water and soap, and dry them.
  • After the wax is melted, place the pot on a plate on the table near the Mason jars.
  • While the wax cools down a bit, take the wick and dunk the tab into the wax and then place it in the bottom of the jar. The wax will “glue” it down. Make sure it’s centered.
  • When you stir the wax, you want it to look like thick maple syrup, not thin like water.
  • When the wax cools down and looks thicker when you stir, slowly pour the wax into the Mason jar, but not all the way to the top.
  • If there are any bubbles in the surface of the wax, you can pop them or eliminate them by sticking one of the wicks into it. Since you will pour another layer on this one, the first one doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • When the first wax layer hardens, double-check that the wicks are centered before you pour the last layer. You may probably have to melt another batch of wax.
  • Once the second layer is completely cool, after about one hour, cut the wick shorter. It is important to keep trimming the wick when the recipient burns the candle.
  • Cut out fabric for lid decoration. Only use thin fabric, otherwise, you won’t be able to screw on the lid over it. Use burlap for one candle, and an old T-shirt for the second lid. Put the fabric over the top of the jar and screw on the lid ring. Then cut off the excess, leaving about half an inch sticking out from under the lid ring.
  • Decorate it further as you like with gift tags, stickers, yarn, etc. Hold on to the original lid top so that you can use it once the candle is used up.

DIY useful gift makes this mason jar candle very useful.

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