DIY Useful Gift — Add a Personal Touch By Your Own Creativity

DIY Useful Gift

I love gifting and go the extra mile when gifting to my family and friends. A gift made especially always speaks of all the love and affection that you hold for the person. The gift however small is an expression of love. I feel extremely happy when I’m told that the person concerned loved what I made. Whether it’s a personalized scarf, keychain, notebook, and many others. A DIY useful gift is what makes gifting more meaningful.

Here are some funky DIY useful gift ideas:

Placemat clutch




  • A placemat
  • Sewing machine
  • Piece of elastic
  • Needle and thread
  • Button


– Fold the placemat in half and sew it shut along two sides so that it forms a pocket.

– Shape your elastic into a loop and sew it to the inside of the pocket so that it sticks out slightly over the edge. This will be the clasp for your clutch.

– Fold the placemat to see how far down you want the top flap of your clutch to come. Use a needle and thread to hand-stitch a button in place.

– Loop the elastic around the button to keep your clutch closed.

Your placemat clutch is ready to use.

Photo Collage Star




  • Metal/ cardboard star
  • 3 Patterns of decorative paper
  • 10 Photographs (black/white looks especially nice against the colorful paper)
  • Glue stick
  • Mod Podge
  • Paper/photo patterns


– Trace and cut ten shapes out of decorative paper — 5 of the larger trapezoid and 5 of the smaller triangle.

– Repeat with photographs.

– Glue the paper and photos to the star, and be sure to cover the entire back with glue to prevent bubbling when you Mod Podge. (When you cut the decorative paper, one of the patterns was only cut once. Use this for the top point of the star.)

– Paint a coat of Mod Podge over the whole star and let dry.

– Repeat, let dry and display!

These innovative DIY useful gifts are pretty looking and are a great way to express your love.

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