DIY Unique Wall Hanging — Decorate With Your Own Touch

DIY Unique Wall Hanging

The one to convert a house into a home is to personalize it with Knick Knacks. Things that speak of who you are and what your home is all about. Wall hangings form a core part of your home décor and what better way to get one than the DIY unique wall hanging way.

Here are some unique wall hanging ideas:

Abstract painting DIY



DIY Unique Wall Hanging

DIY Unique Wall Hanging

  • This wall hanging is the easiest to make, however complicated it looks.
  • Take the canvas of the size that you want. Draw random lines on the canvas.
  • Put painters tape on the lines and cover all the lines on the canvas.
  • Take acrylic paint and color the canvas evenly.
  • Let dry and remove painters tape to reveal the most beautiful geometric pattern on the canvas ever.
  • Your DIY unique wall hanging is ready to be mounted.

Unique wall hanging fabric


  • Cotton fabrics in colors of your choice
  • Fabric scissors
  • Wooden dowel rod
  • Gold screw hooks
  • Gold craft cording
  • Staple gun and staples


  • Cut out abstract shapes of the fabric, the biggest being the base shape and layer the fabrics on top of each other.

  • Pre-arrange to get an idea as to how the cut fabric will look. Once you have a complete cut-out design lay the wooden dowel rod over top of all the layers in the middle.

  • Roll the excess fabric around the dowel and staple all of the fabric layers in place across the length of the dowel at the back.

  • Cut the excess fabric from the top of the dowel and insert the gold screw eye hook on top of the rod. Use the gold cord to string wire from the top to hang it from.

Your unique wall hanging is ready to be put up on the wall of the living room.

The DIY way to making unique wall hanging is a cost-effective and personalized way of doing up your home the way you like it.

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