DIY Unicorn Pencil Case That Will Make You Look Stylish

DIY Unicorn Pencil Case

DIY Unicorn Pencil Case:

My favorite little pony will always be with me in school. That’s what my little one would say when she was small. The fascination for the unicorn hasn’t died down just yet. And now she makes her own DIY stuff. Her latest was a DIY unicorn pencil case which turned out beautifully.

Here is how to she made it:


  • Cricut Explore machine or Cricut maker
  • Fine tip blade
  • Light grip mat
  • Permanent premium vinyl in black
  • Holographic vinyl in pink and opal
  • Transfer tape
  • Tools
  • Hard Pencil case


DIY Unicorn Pencil Case

DIY Unicorn Pencil Case

  • Create your own design: Choose your images and font and create your design. Used here is the Cricut font Cursive 101 for the words. Use the Weld tool to connect the words together. Make sure to attach each color layer of the design for easy layering later on.

  • Cut out the vinyl using any machine from the Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker.

DIY Unicorn Pencil Case

  • Weed your vinyl using your tools.  Make sure to get all the little pieces!

  • Apply the transfer tape with the scraper tool and remove the image from the white backing.

DIY Unicorn Pencil Case

  • Use your scraper to apply the unicorn design to your pencil case.

  • Carefully remove the transfer tape.

  • Repeat the above steps with your holographic vinyl. Let dry.

Your DIY unicorn pencil case is ready for school. Stuff in all your pens and pencils in the most cute unicorn pencil case.

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