DIY Ultrasonic Cleaner

DIY Ultrasonic Cleaner

DIY Ultrasonic Cleaner: 

Ultrasonic Cleaners use ultrasound frequencies and a cleaning solvent to clean materials such as dental and lab equipment, jewelry and industrial products. Ultrasonic cleaners use cavitation, the bubbles created by the sound waves in the tank, to clean the surfaces of items. The bubbles act as a sponge to scrub away dirt, blood and other contaminants to give sterilized products thereafter. For that kind of cleaning you need to make your own DIY ultrasonic cleaner. And you can clean your jewelry and contact lenses with it.

Here is how you can make DIY ultrasonic cleaner:

DIY Ultrasonic Cleaner

DIY Ultrasonic Cleaner


  • Coffee can
  • Pail
  • Palm sander
  • Duct tape
  • 2 inch foam


  • Attach foam to the bottom and the wall of the pail. By doing this, the pail will not vibrate once the palm sander and coffee can vibrate as the foam will absorb the vibrations.
  • Get the palm sander and turn it on. The reason for turning it on without plugging it to the socket is that it would be difficult to turn it on later.
  • Attach the palm sander to the coffee can’s bottom with a duct tape. Tightly tape the two materials together so that when the palm sander vibrates, the coffee can will also vibrate.
  • Fill the coffee can with water to about ¾ full.
  • Place the coffee can inside the pail.
  • Insert the palm sander’s plug into the wall socket.
  • Wait for several minutes. The palm sander will produce heat after running for a few minutes. The heat expand and shrink the can. When the can heats up, cavitation of bubbles happens. This cleans the material you placed in the DIY ultrasonic cleaner. You can turn off the palm sander when the can starts to expand and shrink.

For the sparkling clean and sterilized feel opt for the DIY ultrasonic cleaner.

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