DIY Tv Stand That Will Add up Different Style to Your Home Decore

Diy Tv Stand:

In front of the TV is where the entire family gather. watching a game show, a cricket or football match or some action packed thriller. The TV is the center of it all. A well placed TV can be a game changer and how you place it can make all the difference. The options for placing the TV are aplent. you can mount it on the wall or pace it on a stand. A DIY TV stand is even better when it comes to options.

Diy Tv Stand
Diy Tv Stand

Here is a wonderful DIY TV stand idea:

DIY reclaimed wood and pipe stand


The tv stand measures 57 1/2″ in length, 20″ wide, & 28″ tall

– (2) 1″ black pipe 4′-2″ in length (the length will vary depending on your needs)

– (8) 1″ threaded floor flanges

– (6) 1″ black threaded tees

– (2) 1″ black threaded unions

– (4) 1″x1′ nipples

– (12) 1″x4″ nipples

– (2) 1″ 2-hole strap (4 shown, only 2 used)

For middle shelf

– (2) 1″ threaded caps

– (2) 1″ threaded elbows

– (2) 1″ threaded floor flanges

– (2) 1″x5″ nipples

– (2) 1″x 11″ nipples


  • Pick a pipe diameter that compliments the overall size of the piece and the thickness of the wood you are going to use.
  • For attaching the wood to the pipe you can buy threaded pipe flanges which give you a flat mounting surface and four holes to screw the pieces together.
  • Clean the black pipe and fittings properly and degrease them prior to painting. Use a pipe wrench a assemble the pipes together.
  • Use felt pads under the floor flanges so you can easily move the tv stand.
  • Place the wood plank on top and in the middle pipes. You can either glue it or screw it in if you want but keeping the weight of the planks in mind, it won’t move until you push it over.
  • The irregularities of the reclaimed wood is what gives it a rustic texture and gives an old world charm.

This DIY TV stand adds warmth to the room and makes it a point of conversation with its rustic feel.

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