DIY Tripod For Phone That Will Make Your Life Easy

DIY Tripod For Phone:

When necessity beckons then creativity takes over!! That is very much the case as our phones take over our lives and become omnipresent. The thought of living without our phones is beyond comprehension now. But with the phone comes the very difficult task of holding it all the time… a stand for the phone makes things much more comfortable. Many of us have improvised a stand for our phones like a stack of books, a vase, against the lamp and so many little tricks. A DIY tripod for phone is not that difficult with a little improvisation here and there.

Diy Tripod For Phone
Diy Tripod For Phone

Here are some great DIY tripod for phone ideas:

DIY smartphone Tripod mount


  • two large binder clips
  • 3 rubber bands
  • Tripod


  • Attach the binder clips on opposite sides of the tripod base and see whether your smartphone fits in.
  • Fix a rubber band to the handles of the binder clips.
  • Use two rubber bands on each end to hold a third one that stretches across the tripod base. Make sure the central rubber band is crossed over at least once.
  • Your phone is ready to be mounted and should like this.


DIY smartphone tripod mount


  • steel angle with holes big enough to fit your tripod’s screw thread
  • wing nut that fits your tripod’s screw thread
  • cheap or spare phone case
  • Velcro or Duct tape
  • Tripod


  • Place one of the steel angle’s holes over the tripod’s screw thread and fix it with a wing nut.
  • Make sure to align the camera lens with the pivot point on one axis at least. Mark the center of the lens on the case and align the mark with the matching hole in the steel angle.
  • Fix your phone with the back to the inside of the steel angle. You can either tape a spare phone case to the steel angle or use Velcro to use the case elsewhere, too.

DIY box dock



  • Take the packing of the phone and cut a small rectangle on the top of the box.
  • Take a charging dock and adjust the dock onto the cut rectangle. Adjust it well.
  • Make a hole at the base of the phone packing for the charging cable to pass through.
  • Adjust the charging cable onto the charging dock and pass it through the hole.
  • Close the packing and place your phone atop.
  • The phone stand doubles up as a charging dock as well.

These DIY tripod for phone work wonderfully and keep you hands-free also.

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