DIY Toys For Kids That Are Very Easy To Make

Diy Toys For Kids:

Keeping the children engaged in an activity is the biggest achievement for any parent. They are the best learners and also the most restless. What interests your child will hold his attention and if not then try as you might and you will just not be able to get them!! DIY is a godsend for many parents as it not only teaches them basic life skills but also gives those things that they value as they’ve made it themselves. DIY toys for kids are a fun way to learn and play.

Diy Toys For Kids
Diy Toys For Kids

Here are some fun ideas to make some DIY toys for kids:

DIY Velcro story blocks:


  • Velcro (use colored and black)
  • Large wood blocks
  • Paint (non-toxic)
  • Glue (super glue or hot glue)


  • Paint your blocks (solid or with pictures on two sides). Allow blocks to dry.
  • Measure the amount of velcro you need to wrap around each block once.
  • Cut two pieces of velcro (you will want one with hooks and one without so that the velcro sides of each will be able to stick to all the other blocks. By using one strip of each per block, they can all stick together).
  • Glue both pieces of velcro around each block.
  • Find a container in which to store your blocks, then PLAY!!


DIY PVC Periscope


  • A couple of 3” PVC elbows
  • 2 ft PVC pipe
  • 3” square mirrors
  • Drill


  • Cut two slots in each PVC elbow using a drill.
  • Adjust the mirrors so they are at 45 degrees and make sure you can see through the periscope.
  • Fix the mirrors using a glue gun. Let dry.
  • Your DIY periscope is ready for play at sea!!


DIY PVC Bow and Arrow:


  • 40″ of 1/2″ PVC pipe (these come in 10′ sticks of schedule 40 thickness)
  • 16″ X 3/8″ dowel rods (purchase a 48″ piece that makes three arrows)
  • 6″ of foam pipe cover (use a 3/4″ diameter piece that is sold in 6′ lengths)
  • thick nylon string
  • a lighter to seal the ends of this string
  • scissors
  • a hacksaw or fine tooth jig saw
  • duct tape
  • zip ties
  • foam cut into triangles (use a 2″ thick foam home insulation cut into approximately 3″x 3″ triangles)
  • One 10′ pipe will make three bows. Cut pipe into 3 equal 40″ pieces


  • Tie a large knot into the end of the nylon string. It needs to be big enough to not slip through the notch in the PVC. Use a lighter or match to burn the end to keep it from fraying.
  • Cut a one-inch long notch into one side of the PVC pipe on each end. Next place the knot into the notch. Pull tight and make sure the knot is big enough to not slip through. A bead can also be tied to the end to keep it from slipping.
  • Pull the string tight along the cut PV pipe and cut sting and tie a knot about 4 1/2 inches from the other end of the pipe. Bend the pipe and slip the knot into the other end.
  • Wrap a piece of duct tape around each end of the pipe to keep the string from popping out.
  • Place the pipe foam around the middle of the PVC pipe. Bring edges together and secure on each side with a zip tie. Trim the ends of the zip tie close to the handle.
  • Stick the dowel into the foam and remove. Now coat the end of the stick with hot glue and place back into the foam. A slit can be cut into the end of the dowel to make it easier for the child to place on the string of the bow.

These DIY toys for kids are fun to make and engage the kids in the activity and also improve their motor skills.

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