Diy Toilet Paper Holder Which is Easy To Make

Diy Toilet Paper Holder:

So, your visit to the washroom isn’t as interesting, it is the “me” time that you get in the washroom. Keeping it beautiful and fresh at all times becomes a major task. We really don’t give much thought to the toilet paper holder?? An integral part of the washroom is the toilet paper holder. And I’m not denying that you are not spoilt for choice when it comes to toilet paper holders, but making one gives a whole new feel to it!! Really a DIY toilet paper holder is easy peasy.

Diy Toilet Paper Holder
Diy Toilet Paper Holder

Here is how you can design your very own DIY toilet paper holder:

DIY hanger toilet paper holder


  • Metal/ aluminum hanger
  • Pliers
  • Toilet roll


  • Stretch your hanger into a circular shape.
  • Bend the hanger into a 6 X 6 square shape on 3 sides.
  • On the final side bend a half oval shape into the inside of the square

This DIY holder takes only 15 minutes to make and doesn’t cost a penny.

A DIY toilet holder made with something as simple as a knob, dowel and leather lace. This one is a beauty:


  • Knob
  • Leather lace
  • Dowel (any size a roll of toilet paper will fit over is fine, our’s is 1-inch)
  • Dowel joining screw
  • Drill with 1/4″ spade bit
  • Pliers
  • Drywall anchor*


  • Make sure the hole in the back of the knob is the right size for the screw, it should be a little bit smaller than the outside of the threads, if it is too small it might split the knob when you tighten it. You may need to drill the hole in the back of the knob bigger to fit the size of the screw.
  • Find the location on the wall where you would like the knob to be.
  • Pre-drill a small hole to start the screw into the wall.
  • Use pliers to tighten the screw into the wall, making sure it sticks out less than the knob. Screw on the knob.
  • Cut your dowel to length; make sure it is long enough so that the toilet paper roll will not rub against the leather.
  • Drill a hole the length of the dowel, starting from each end and meeting in the middle.
  • Slide the leather lace through the hole and tie a loop that will slip over the knob at one end.
  • Slide the toilet paper roll onto the dowel and hook the loop over the knob, adjust the length of the leather until the roll hangs at the right level then tie another loop and slip it over the knob.
  • To change the rolls, just slip off the loop and slide the rolls off/on.
  • If not going into stud, drill a 5/16” hole in the wall where the knob will go. Push the drywall anchor into the hole in the wall and then with a hammer tap it in until it is tight against the wall. Tighten the screw into the knob, then screw the knob into the anchor.

So you thought that the washroom didn’t need any creativity, well I hope I got you… now get going and make these for your washroom. DIY toilet paper holder is just the beginning.

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